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May 18, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case: Looking at the Just-Released “Bloodied Zimmerman” Photos

On first pass, these new photos of an injured Zimmerman — taken immediately after shooting Trayvon Martin — seem like a bombshell. From a perceptual standpoint, they can’t help but increase support for “the bloodied” Zimmerman, certainly for anyone already predisposed that way. Because there is so little clear-cut evidence in this case however, these pictures — appearing now, as “the latest word” in a timeline of all the preceding images that have led to alternating impressions of these figures in the public mind — seem to guarantee that the Martin case will now end in a lot more polarization than understanding.

Emotions and biases aside, however, it’s important to appreciate that these new pictures only heighten the confusion surrounding the case. Examining these photos, the key question is (and remains): how much do they justify self-defense (or “stand your ground”) versus how much do they illustrate Zimmerman provoking Martin into such an intense confrontation that it led to his murder?

…Finally, taking your eyes off Zimmerman’s face or head for a second, I don’t think I have to emphasize the irony of the “free country” branding.

(photo: State Attorney’s Office/AP caption: This combo made from Feb. 27, 2012 photos released by the State Attorney’s Office shows George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin. The photo and reports were among evidence released by prosecutors that also includes calls to police, video and numerous other documents. The package was received by defense lawyers earlier this week and released to the media on Thursday, May 17, 2012.)

  • guest

    where’s all the folks that were up in arms before this information came out?

    • Paul Jacobus

       Waiting for the trial? None of this new information changes the basics of the case, or the outrage of what lead up to the arrest.

  • guest

    where is the blood on his clothes? a broken nose with no blood on his shirt. “free country” not covered in blood from his head wounds.

  • BlueShark

    I am sure if autopsy photos of Trayvon Martin are now shown with a gaping hole in the chest where he was shot, that that image will sway public opinion back against Zimmerman.

    Ultimately, if Trayvon Martin did get in a couple of blows on Zimmerman it will be indisputable that he was defending himself against a stalking predator, as there is no question that Zimmerman was following Martin in direct contravention to the Police Dispatcher’s order that he not follow the “suspect”.

  • Steve Laudig

    I am left with questions growing out of the notion that having only back of the head injuries and no front of the body injuries is curious. On the other hand the man in the photo doesn’t strike me as being bright enough to be trusted with a gun. Dopes with guns seems to define aspects of culture in the South.

    • Catherine McCallum

      Zimmerman’s got a cut on his nose. It looks like Martin landed a blow on his attacker, knocking him to the ground.

  • Grung_e_Gene

    Trayvon Martin was standing his ground. George Zimmerman was stalking a “fucking c00n” and intended to get into a confrontation with him

  • cf2k

    These meager injuries are supposed to convince us that George Zimmerman was in such jeopardy, he had “no choice” but to shoot a 17-year old minor in the chest? It’s obvious from the frontal picture that that Trayvon Martin got in one lucky–well, unlucky–punch, right on the button, and it knocked Mr. Zimmerman to the ground. One could *perhaps* conjecture that the forehead abrasion was a second, glancing blow. And for this George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin? 

    When I look at this picture, I see a coward.

  • bks

    Martin had a scrip for Adderall (amphetamines).  Case closed.  Murder.


    • Catherine McCallum

      You’re being ironic, right? Being treated for ADHD isn’t criminal behavior.

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