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May 30, 2012

The Two Certificates Together in One Place

(click for full size)

The “question” is, which is more American?

(I don’t know why Romney’s certificate was caught off at the bottom, by the way. Doubt there is anything odd, but seems a tad either non-compliant or slap-dash.)

(images: White House; Romney for President)

  • John Zorabedian

    Obama’s mother Ann Dunham Obama has a very strong signature in the middle of the photo. Strong woman.

  • Scarabus

    Seeing is not believing. Rather, believing is seeing … or being incapable of seeing.

    It’s always been that way: Francis Bacon’s “Four Idols.” Rhetoricians’ “Confirmation Bias.” George Lakoff’s “Cognitive Mapping.” Etc.

  • Billy Bob Birdyhead

    This is the face of stupidity

  • steve laudig

    Does this make Mitt an ‘anchor baby”? If so “Gott mitt uns” heh heh

  • Serr8d

    I like the one who’s parents were not all Commie and America-hating. That sort of attitude tends to rub off on the kid(s)!

    • Thomas

      I’m voting for the one that will bring me four more years of Tea Bagger rage-aholic hillbilly opera. Music to my ears.

  • Michael Shaw

    You say Africa, I say Mexico, or vice-versa.

  • Molly Douthett

    I dunno, Obama’s looks more bureaucratic and therefore, much more official. 

  • glenn

    The kerning looks suspicious on that Michigan document, to me.

  • karen h

    I love that Mitt released this in time for Trump’s appeal to the racist segment of the 50.1%. He does craven well.

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