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May 15, 2012

Photo Ops and Campaign Slog: Notably, Val and Paul Still on the Fence

Kitchen table issues. It’s one of the oldest political metaphors.  But the Kellers — who are underwater on their mortgage and even recently refinanced under a federal program — remain undecided about who to vote for.  If the photo is generic, it’s also a perfect representation of Obama’s battlefield.

Photo notes: a) Obama must already be caffeinated. b) How long ago did the American refrigerator became combo scrapbook and photo album? c)  I think the advance team team deserves an award for “campaign photo with the most earth tones.” d) You did notice the Secret Service guy lurking in the doorway, right? Must be because Val and Paul still on the fence.

(photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP. caption: President Barack Obama meets with Val and Paul Keller in their home, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Reno, Nev.)

  • Catherine McCallum

    Two comments: first, if Val and Paul are still undecided, then they are too stupid to vote and should have the privilege revoked immediately; and second, I refused to buy stainless steel appliances because they aren’t magnetic. How would a family communicate if its members couldn’t stick stuff to the refrigerator?

  • Withnails

    I’m guessing no one else noticed the basket of bananas that is a pretty accurate doppelganger for Obama’s “O” logo.  

    • Michael Shaw

      Fantastic. I was studying those bananas but complete overlooked the basket. (Now I’m wondering if the secret service guy might have a women back there.)

    • Michael Shaw

      Excellent. I was studying those bananas but completely missed the basket. Now I’m wondering who the secret service agent might have with him back there.

  • zdd

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