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May 31, 2012


1. Can somebody please fixed that??

2. I’m actually wondering if the whole thing is intentional — a subliminal play for the Hispanic vote.

3. I’m actually wondering if the whole thing is intentional – feathering the beds of the anti-intellectuals.

4. Blame it on the underlings.

5. You knew the Tumblr was going to have a field day with the Tea Party file photos (also 123).

…If you still don’t know what this is about.

(photo 1: Reuters. caption: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romneyand Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R), address supporters during a campaign rally at a local business in Las Vegas, Nevada May 29, 2012. photo 2: Amercia Is With Mitt. )

  • Cathifa

    Why is more than one Romneybot appearing at the same event?

  • Serr8d

    Oh, yeah! Some Romney flunky misspells a word, you get all excited! CAUSED LIGHT MIRTH! (A little D&D lingo there!)

    But let the #SCOAMF look away from TOTUS for half a second, try to get all contemporaneous and try to ’speak’, and he pisses off (yet another!) nation!

    Did you hear what the PM of Poland had to say about Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘Biden moment’?

    “The Prime Minister referred to the speech of
    US President Barack Obama, who used the phrase “Polish death camp”
    during the Tuesday ceremony of awarding the Presidential Medal of
    Freedom to Jan Karski. - We expect that America, in connection with this
    very statement, will join our efforts and help us eradicate such false
    and unjust phrases once and for all - said the head of the government.

    – We always react in the same way to ignorance, lack of knowledge and
    ill will which lead to the distortion of history. Such phrases are
    especially painful for Poland - Europe’s most affected country by World
    War II - underlined Donald Tusk.”,10240/


    • black_dog_barking

      Had BHO said “death camps in Poland” instead of “Polish death camps” there’d be no controversy at all. He was referencing a fact and his statement turned out to have potentially ambiguous interpretations (as do many things we say all day long). Precision is very hard in a rich human language like English so, as listeners, we interpret the content using the context and delivery to help us. As a general rule we give the speaker the benefit of the doubt.

      The context of “A Better Amercia” (sic) is one of confrontation. Its message is a challenge implying a degree of superiority on the part of the speaker. The typo undercuts the superiority at the same time the air of superiority reduces my willingness to lend the benefit of the doubt. Lose the benefit of the doubt and you’ll likely lose your argument.

    • Catherine McCallum

      Oh, stop whining.

  • Grung_e_Gene

    Obama isn’t working = that strapping young buck is playing basketball and golf and eating steaks and being lazy as is his people’s wont…

  • Serr8d

    If BHO had spoken correctly (as you’ve pointed out MANY TIMES when President Bush misspoke) there would not be any ambiguity. But, since you and yours repeatedly and with great mirth and hilarity pointed out President Bush’s syntax and grammar errors, I guess it’s right and proper to point out BHO’s errors. What goes around &c.

    Or would your rather speak of Solyndra?

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