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May 4, 2012

May Day Spiral

NFL Occupy

It’s been a busy week and I’m only now turning my attention to the May Day demonstrations, particularly this image by the talented photographer, Stuart Isett, who shot the activities in Seattle for Bloomberg. (His work, Lost Boyz, about Cambodian refugees who escaped to America, got caught up in gang life, and were then deported back, is very powerful.)

The amount of irony in this photo is hard to calculate (especially with the suicide this week of the popular former pro-football star, Junior Seau. His family is turning his brain over to researchers to further study the connection between concussion, brain injury and depression in former pro players.)

In the photo, the clothing of the Black Bloc types constitute a uniform every bit as distinct as those worn by a pro football team. More significantly, though, as hard times grind on and the “haves” remain insulated from accountability as much by the distraction and seduction of popular culture, there’s a perverse logic to the fact these hooligans choose to take out their frustration on the retail face of a sports-entertainment empire all-too-popular for its violence.

(photo: Stuart Isett/Bloomberg caption: Protesters break the glass of a National Football League store during an Occupy Seattle May Day rally and anti-capitalist march in Seattle, Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. Occupy Wall Street demonstrators took to the streets in May Day protests from New York to California, picketing banks in Oakland with helicopters overhead and sending a singing “Guitarmy” to Manhattan’s Union Square.)

  • Capnweasel

    I love the Reebok shoes on the anarchist on the left size.  Nothing says “fuck the establishment” like Reeboks!  Seriously, these people are simpletons.  Breaking some windows and torching some property does not make them anarchists.  It makes them petty criminals.  Especially when they probably did all of their plotting on Apple products fueled by Starbucks coffee listening to music they downloaded on the internet.

    • billyjoe

      And your establishment-parroted, color-by-dots assessment of them is equally equally silly and cliche.

  • Enoch Root

    I believe it’s not just the NFL being attacked here, but the whole of Niketown. Niketown has long been a target of demonstrations such as these, being purveyors of perversely expensive footwear made under poor working conditions at best.

    But it appears Niketown has wisely installed shatter-proof glass, which can be shattered but only if you’re smart. Not if you’re stupid.

  • George Mokray

    Write a message on the window and then smash it.  Seems a little counter-productive.

  • Stuart Isett

    The guy on the right hit me after he failed to mash the window. Josh Trujillo at the Seattle PI caught the moment just before I got smacked.

  • DennisQ

    I’m excited at the idea of making professional football part of the establishment protested against.  So much colonialism and neo-colonialsm is justified with the use of football analogies; e.g. “spiking the ball” for taking too much credit for killiing Osama bin Laden. This is as good a time as any to question whether football is PC.  I think it isn’t.  Smashing NFL windows isn’t as effective as a boycottt, but I can undeerstand where they are coming from.  Let’s revoke Joe Namath’s status as a folk hero.  That will nip Tim Tebow evangelism in the bud.

  • jonst

     Perfect! Billyjoe…

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