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May 25, 2012

Dogs and Driving: Romney Photo-Op of the Day

The background: Romney was so brave as to visit a charter school in a black, low income Philadelphia neighborhood.

Romney participated in an alliteration exercise at a Philadelphia charter school and this is the results of his efforts. Alas, he forgot his staff’s admonition to never bring up dogs or dogs and cars. And a glance at the various galleries documenting his visit show a decided lack of excitement (see the young girl behind Mitt on the right).  Still, there’s a part of me that looks at achievement and says “Good Boy, Mitt!”

Grade: C-. Saved from the dog-driven D only because he managed to have a photo taken in a charter school with minority students and survived their lack of joy in seeing him. — Karen Hull

(photo 1: Clem Murray/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT/Zuma Press caption: A TEACHABLE MOMENT: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited students in a sixth-grade language arts class at Universal Bluford charter school in west Philadelphia Thursday. The students were learning about alliteration.)

  • black_dog_barking

    None of the four people in the Governor’s audience appear to be looking directly at his Romney-ship, don’t appear to be very engaged with his presence. In contrast, all of the hundred or so people in the picture of the President’s audience appear to be focused directly and intensely on the Prez — the front row reminds me an early Beatles concert. Only the two guys in suits are looking elsewhere and they’re probably Secret Service.

    • karen h

       hope you clicked on the link to the gallery of shots from Romney’s visit. If not, do it — you’ll see how right you are.  An unspoken aspect of this is that here’s the whitest of white guys campaigning to take the job away from a man many of those kids see as a role model.  Interesting dynamic there.

  • John Zorabedian

    Obama’s safe zone, sure. Also plays into the “celebrity-in-chief” attack. But Obama comes off dynamic, exciting, in his element, confident, powerful. Romney looks awkward and uncomfortable. A for effort?

    • Michael Shaw

      John: Sorry to remove the Obama pic. (See below.)

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  • JL

    The photo of Obama is from a month ago today, at an official event about college tuition.  He was in Des Moines yesterday, speaking to activists of all ages at a campaign event.   Love this site but research matters!

    • Michael Shaw

      Thanks JL,

      We got tripped up by a story of Obama’s trip to Iowa with an old photo attached to it. Still, we should have caught it. Instead of the post comparing photo-ops of Romney and Obama, the post has been edited to reflect Romney’s visit to the Philadelphia school.

  • JL
  • Megan

    The strip of paper looks like a ticker tape, reminding us that Romney is all about Wall Street.

  • black_dog_barking

    I hadn’t clicked through, now I have. Willard seems to have a gift for making people wish they were somewhere else. I always thought GWB-2000 was an elaborate practical joke by the Republican party. But McCain and now Romney make our smallest president look almost … presidential.

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