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May 24, 2012

Calling Dr. Freud: The Romney Mom TIME Cover

Emphasizing the family’s political pedigree starts to draw comparison to someone else who got emotionally invested in trying to live up to the family’s political legacy. And you know how much Bush cost us.

The more background imagery I see on Romney (and alone with Mom on the bed in a hotel room, yikes!), the more Mitt2012 seems to cry out for psychoanalysis.

(linked photo: AP)

  • cf2k

    Jesus. Carry much GOP water, Time?

    • Catherine McCallum

      Yes. Yes, they do.

  • Bugboy

    I was wondering when someone would get around mentioning who was Mitten’s mother(s).

  • Scarabus

    This is the guy who isn’t really a professional politician, right?

    Makes me wonder where he’d be if he hadn’t had the family tit to hang onto.

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