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April 4, 2012

What Earns You Extra Attention When You’re Not First School in Your State To Pepper Spray?


We expected some students, but we didn’t expect that big of a crowd with such enthusiasm.

What earns you extra attention when a fellow institution of higher learning in your state has already been made a stinging world-wide example of by pepper-spraying its students?

How about when you pepper spray children and congressional candidates?

(photo 1: Michael Yanow / Getty Images caption: Two women treat a child suffering from the effect of pepper spray outside the SMC Board of Trustees meeting on April 3, 2012 in Santa Monica, 2: Courtesy David Steinman/AP caption: In this photo provided by David Steinman, 33rd district congressional candidate David Steinman wipes his face after being sprayed with pepper spray during a protest on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, in Santa Monica, Calif. Campus police pepper-sprayed as many as 30 demonstrators after Santa Monica College students angry over a plan to offer high-priced courses tried to push their way into a trustees meeting Tuesday evening, authorities said.)

  • bystander

    We expected some students, but we didn’t expect that big of a crowd with such enthusiasm.

    One wonders.  What the holy blazes were they expecting from a two-tiered plan that raised the cost of a credit hour, for a core class, five times its normal rate, for some who might be lucky enough – or, desperate enough – to pay to get it.

    What’s this class worth to you kids?  Or, Just how badly do you want to graduate, sonny?

    Maybe they could hold a lottery to determine who gets to pay the standard per credit hour price, and who those truly lucky duckies are who get to pay five times more?  Lotteries have always held an interesting place in literature; seems like this situation might be ripe for an enterprising author.

    The sight of that child in the first photo simply makes my blood boil.  Surely there is a scold out there somewhere who would argue that no one should bring a child that age to this kind of event.  Right.  A community college.  That haven for the young mother juggling school, job, and child care…  Nah.  We’d never expect to see a young mother bring her daughter onto the campus of a community college.

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  • Glennis Waterman

    I’m a night student at SMC, but was not on campus last night. What an incredibly stupid thing for the police to do.

    There is a swimming pool on campus that is joint-operated by SMC and the city, and there are evening swimming lessons for children – that may be why there were children on campus.

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