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April 10, 2012

O-Ba-Ma: White House 2012 Rocks Boca

Using the State of the Union to tacitly respond to months of GOP debate potshots, or using the surrogates to zing Romney on his tax returns on Twitter isn’t anything like finally, with Santorum falling by the wayside, taking the gloves off, lacing up the track shoes and entering full campaign mode.

If Obama, playing the long game, is able to plod along for interminably long stretches in classic wonk style, parsing differences, holding out for consensus (whether it comes, or in most cases, it doesn’t) and arbitrating between his team of rivals, nothing gets him going, nothing ups his tempo like a campaign. Shades of Denver and Berlin, the “Buffet rule” blitz in the bizarro-land of Florida will serve, in so many single scenes, as a preview of coming attraction to be played and replayed from now until the last lever handle is pulled in November.

Fasten your seatbelt for:


Oh, so much running.


So many stadiums, and analogies to sports and championship runs, and seas of floating cell screens, and maybe even a replay, in some form, of the critique of the Prez as all too celebrity- and “One”-like.


Impassioned encounters with seniors not so keen on losing the Medicare.


And young people, fickle as they are, getting some of that hope-electricity flowing again.

Finally, enough of that boring and near-futile governing business. It’s show time!

(photo 1: Marc Serota / Getty Images caption: People listen and take pictures as U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the economy at Florida Atlantic University on April 10, 2012 in Boca Raton, Florida. The President made the case for the Buffet Rule, a principle for fairness that ensures that millionaires pay at least the same effective tax rate as middle class families 2: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters photo 3, 4 & 5: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images.)

  • bks

     Will they allow cheering at the Romney v. Obama debates?


  • Thomas

    The last two images seem to break more along gender lines than age, no? In any case, Obama’s terrific talents as a campaigner get a huge boost from a whole suite of favorable circumstances, some earned (OBL dead) some by chance (a hapless GOP field); the opposition from the right comes from the same old Jurrasic voices we’ve all been hearing for years and years (Rush Limbaugh, FOX, etc.) and the opposition from the left hasn’t recovered from being evicted from tent city in the park. Some of Team Obama’s optimism has to be genuine.

  • SteveLaudig

    Obama is indeed a master of the long con. That’s to be sure. I urge readers to not listen to his speeches but read them.  It’s a left brain-right brain challenge. He’s delivers pablum as if it were caviar. I just read an article on the effect of sounds on taste. It went something like, if you are serving “bacon and eggs” flavored ice cream taste perceptions can be influenced by background noise to influence the taster’s perception of whether it is more bacon or more egg. That’s an Obama speech. The print version is insipid but he does wonders as an entertainer. Actually gets you to believe. 

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