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April 27, 2012

Miami Archbishop Blesses Ultrasound Machines At Pregnancy Care Center. (Watch the Water!)

The old adage, “A picture paints a thousand words,” is never truer than when showing a mother her unborn child — especially if that mother is considering abortion. Thanks to ultrasound technology, parents today routinely see their unborn children waving their hands or sucking their thumbs inside the womb. More and more pregnancy care centers are using the technology to empower women to bond with their babies and choose life.Media are welcome inside the North Broward Pregnancy Care Center.

– from: Archbishop Wenski to bless ultrasound machines donated for pregnancy care centers — Miami Archdiocese website

• “God, bless this machine and protect it from getting water on its keyboard.”

Pre-Planned Parenthood.

• Totally coincidental, but look at how the hand inside the room seems to be fiddling with the clock. Life’s about time.

• And that bundle of joy is already swimming around when you walk in the room!

• Just be careful handling those swords, gentleman.

• It’s Florida.

• But really, what a relief to see a pro-life image of a fetus on screen that’s actually alive!

(photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images caption: Miami’s Archbishop Thomas Wenski blesses, with holy water, an ultrasound machine at a Respect Life Ministry on April 26, 2012 in Margate, Florida. The machine was donated to the center by a national Ultrasound Project put in place by the Knights of Columbus in 2009.)

  • BamaGuy1024

    Old world pre-science dogma and stuck-in-the-past conditional morality confronts modern technology and the present day. Which do you think will win out?

    • jonst

       ”modern technology”……so long as the power holds out and the levees don’t break.

      By the way….is there any other kind of “morality” other than “conditional”?   Just curious. Maybe I might take a shot at answering my own question…..perhaps the qualification you make is is “stuck in the past”…”conditional morality”?  Versus ‘modern day’ “conditional morality”? 

  • bks

    Still, not as strange as the fact that the GOP candidates had to kiss the ring of Donald Trump.



    Without context, this could have just as easily been an exorcism.

    • Chris Karr

      That’s what I thought it was.

  • Catherine McCallum

    God spoke to me this morning. He groaned.

  • Herman Krieger

    Catholic Church Fetal Position

  • HL

    Concerned handlers for Pope John Paul II announced Monday that, in
    recent weeks, the 78-year-old Catholic leader has “just been blessing
    everything in sight.”,1585/

  • Ross

    It’s a girl … she has no future in the Church.

  • gayle

     ”Thanks to ultrasound technology, parents today routinely see their
    unborn children waving their hands or sucking their thumbs inside the
    womb.”Thanks to ultrasound technology,  would be parents in India and China can find out whether or not the child will be a dreaded, lowly female.   So they can abort them.Careful what you pray for Bishop!

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