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March 14, 2012

GOP Primary: Segregation Lives

Nicole Bengiveno’s GOP primary/racial segregation shot is probably the smartest, bravest campaign photo I’ve seen all year. The pic may be “overstretching” the metaphor, playing on the searing memory of separate entrances, but the election was segregated. Mostly white people voted in the South’s GOP primaries yesterday.

Beyond that, the design vocabulary of the polling sign — to me, at least — does have some echos of this.

Via the NY Times election slideshow.

(photo credit: Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times caption: People in Birmingham, Ala., waited to register vehicles at the Jefferson County Courthouse , which was also a polling station. There have been lines at the courthouse since major cuts in the budget.)

  • Janis

    That’s because GOP vote was far more numerous.

  • Janis

    That’s because GOP vote was far more numerous.

  • SigynV

    I’m not sure why there’s a long line at one door and not the other; but there are at least 4 or 5 “white” people in the longer line.

    If, indeed, that was your point.

  • Thomas Gokey

    I agree, one of the smartest, bravest photos yet.

    Stepping back from the optics a bit, it also underscores just how low turnout these GOP primaries have been. More people are waiting on any given day to register their cars than vote in the primary on election day. 

    • SigynV

      How silly of me! Text matters too :P

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