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March 28, 2012

The NRA’s Conceal Carry Hoodie

• $59?!

• What, no red one?

• Even the body language seems creepy and suggestive.

• Is the use of the white hand model supposed to make them “bulletproof” here to charges of playing off the stereotype of the violent black gangster?

• Well, at least it puts one major focus of the Trayvon Martin episode where it needs to be – on the availability of guns and increasingly lax possession laws.

Your thoughts?

source: Gawker

  • Steve1fl

    Statistical facts speak louder than your “feelings,” in that crime goes down in places where concealed carry is legal and especially where “stand your ground” is legal.
    What logical person would rather run, then stand up to a criminal? Seriously!?
    Criminals comiting forceable felonies shouldn’t be dealt with? What’s wrong with shooting a felon that’s holding a knife to you, demanding your car keys?
    Besides, the second ammendment and right to carry is getti g stronger by the day!
    NRA Member

    • Steve1fl

      PS. If Zimmerman is guilty, he should do hard time or face
      ‘ol Sparky.

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