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March 29, 2012

Looking at the Zimmerman Video

Of course, the big take-away from the Zimmerman/Florida police video it that it contradicts his claim that Trayvon Martin left him bloody and battered. You can click just about anywhere today to see the video and hear that amplified. In one-minute-and-twenty-eight seconds, however, there’s a lot of visual data there, some related to Zimmerman and some to the police.

Regarding the claims of a fight, Zimmerman’s credibility is damaged not just for the lack of visible signs of a violent altercation but for the fact the police are not treating him as physically traumatized in any way, certainly needing no assistance getting out of the car.

What’s also interesting is the very casual approach to the suspect by the Sanford officers. Were it not for the handcuffs, you would think they were pulling in a guy who had too many parking tickets. Notice, for example, how they leave him standing alone outside the police car behind the two officers in the garage.

Regarding evidence, it’s probably completely innocuous, but given that wetness and grass stains were indicated as evidence at the scene, it is a little odd to see the young officer, at the 35 second mark, notice something on Zimmerman’s pants, wipe it with his hand, then wipe it off on his own pants. That’s right before, at the :50 mark, he checks the back of Zimmerman’s head.

If people are looking for police complicity, however, perhaps what the video reflects more than anything are small town police who are not all-that-competent.

I was also looking at the tape for behavioral signs. If I had just killed somebody in self-defense, I imagine I would be in shock, very tense in my body, either hypervigilant or else grief-stricken. Again, it’s very hard to draw any inferences at all from the tape, but Zimmerman does seem, well, pretty normal.

If there is anything really substantive to get out of the video besides lack of injuries, however, it’s that Zimmerman — previously reported as 5′9″ and over two-hundred pounds — looks like a guy who could take care of himself.

(Video via ABC. Huffington Post has a six minute version of the video that offers reverse-angle in the garage (showing that a second squad car was involved in bringing Zimmerman in. There’s also a whole lot of hallway walking.)

  • SteveLaudig

    Impression: No sense of urgency; very slight ‘limp’ for lack of a better term from the car to the wall; none after. perhaps stiffness from sitting in car after an ‘exciting’ incident; no injury; no muss; no fuss; perp waddles; cop/s waddle. a funny little parade with the most junior bringing up the rear. it seems like a long distance from garage to interview room. inconvenient; poor design and likely dangerous. I wonder about ’social distance’ here between the parade members. perhaps compare to other parades with other ethicities/races/genders/ages for comparison’s sake. Wondering why they only checked the pockets and not the pants legs and shoes.

  • Anonymous

    The video totally contradicts the endlessly repeated claims by father, brother and other supporters of Zimmerman that Treyvon attacked and threatened to kill Zimmerman. There is not a visible scratch or bruise, no cuts, no blood on the back of his head. And certainly no sign of the endlessly reported broken nose that he suffered. Do you have any idea how painful a broken nose is? And that ones nose is hugely swollen and sometimes bleeds as well?  If his nose was broken, he would need to go immediately to an emergency room of a hospital. Lies, lies, lies. And no justice at all in this case.

  • Atwood

    Why does the ABC News banner obscure the view of Zimmerman’s head?
    How do you attack someone when you have a bag of food in one hand and you are talking on your cellphone with the other another? How do you control a bald man’s head to bang it on the sidewalk when he out weighs you by 100 pounds and can easily toss you off? Is Zimmerman a whimp? How much blood is there on the sidewalk and in the grass at the crime scene?

  • snchs

    This is fraud. The pic of Zim the NIGHT OF shows him fatter, an earring, and different beard hairline. They are playing 4th grade games with you all. I’m a 5th grader and I say it’s all staged for gun control. The thief wants us disarmed. Google the pic of Zim the night it happened. The bloody and swollen pic was taken when he was skinnier and tanner and completely diff beard hairline. It’s rigged. The prosecutor didn’t even notice it? hahhahahah Wake up. The judeomasonic mafia is all or nothing. They are insane! ahhahahah Totally cracked in the head. The did 911 and see no one is stopping them so they have their criminals in place and they have to do it or they will be attacked. hahahahahahah When you want it to stop….bring me to power. I will be live on air 24/7 until I get it all straightened out. No one goes to jail……unless they screw the pooch with me. They will get a real job like the rest of us. No Jail. Have the balls to bring someone in who can do this. It doesn’t have to be me. Just sayin.

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