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February 24, 2012

Unprobed Rage

We don’t usually see this level of passion on the part of protestors who demonstrate at state or federal Congressional hearings. Someone raises a pink sign or reveals a hidden slogan and they calmly agree to the polite toss from the chamber. Everyone knows it’s going to happen; all actors play their roles perfectly in front of the camera. But then, we’re talking here about State-enforced vaginal probes. Notice, by the way, how the State Capitol Policeman at the Richmond General Assembly Building responds to the ferocity, more taken aback than anything. Maybe what’s so striking about the photo, as much as the ferocity, is how Margaret Doyle’s reaction, in this latest battle in the war over women’s bodies, should come as such a surprise.

(photo: Bob Brown/Richmond Times-Dispatch/AP caption: Margaret Doyle from Richmond is removed by Capitol Police from the General Assembly after a bill that states human life begins at conception passed the Senate Education and Health Committee on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012.)

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