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February 2, 2012

Romney Cutting it Up With the Hispanics

I’m don’t know about you, but between this photo and that headline, I get a pretty weird vibe.

…And yeah, let’s hold the jokes on “self-deportation.”


  • bks

    Hmmm, that thing looks a lot like Newt.


  • Mmmm

    “This fork makes a heck of a safety net for the very poor.  Delicious!”  – M.R.

  • Glenn

    The chick with the thumbs up is what catches my eye.

  • Violet

    Whose hand is holding that plate to Romney’s left? It makes Romney look like he has an extra hand. Weird.

  • gulati

    Put a fork in the GOP, they are done.

  • Ciclo

    That doesn’t look like  a thumbs up move. 
    It looks more like she is waving at someone, “come here, have a slice.”

    Ven, tan sabrosa la carne.”

  • Anonymous

    This won’t help Mitt among Latino voters.  He’s a strong backer of present immigration policy which is vehemently anti-Latino.  Does the Romney campaign think there are significant numbers of Latinos on the fence about their candidate?  It’s hard to see why Romney supporters think cutting up a pig will move Latinos into the plus column. Yes, it’s folksy, but it won’t change minds.

    When asked about immigration policy, Romney parrots the standard Republican line about America being a nation of laws.  But that’s beside the point, and Latino voters know it.  A Romney administration will come down harder on so-called “illegal” immigration.

  • Glenn

    Vulture capitalist picking at the carcass…..

  • Troy Jones

    “To Serve Hispanic Voters”

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