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February 21, 2012

Quick Takes: Street Views of Jeremy Lin's Family Home

Jeremy Lin childhood home 1

• A story too important to be left to the paparazzi.

• Helping build up the hype, visual media validates he came out of nowhere.

• On tap for tomorrow’s photo gallery: what was in the trash can.

• Toyotas?

Jeremy Lin Family home 2

• Funny thing is, the neighbor’s hoop wasn’t up there a month ago.

Talk about everybody cashing in. Check out the banner ad on the header — though, last time I checked, Nissan was Japanese. But then, how much of America is distinguishing?

(photo: February 21, 2012 – caption: The family home of New York Knicks basketball superstar Jeremy Lin. Lin, 23, grew up in the house with his parents Gie-Ming, 59, and Shirley, 55, and brothers Joshua and Joseph. Gie-Ming, a computer engineer, taught his son how to play the game in a local YMCA gym a few blocks away. Lin, of Palo Alto, California, now plays for the New York Knicks. He is one of the few Asian Americans in NBA history, and the first American player in the league to be of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.)

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