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February 20, 2012

Lil’ Kim on TIME Cover … And She’s Asian!

Mainstream news publisher uses hip hop reference to lampoon Korean political enigma and media piñata, renaming him after a badass black female rapper ten years his senior.

Impressive mash up? Clever play at younger, “melted-pot” demographic? Tickle moment for white upwardly mobile audience predisposed to black cultural references? Or, Black, Asian, what’s the difference … as long as it moves magazines?

Also, what’s all this about … besides easy layups?

  • bks

    Bizarre world of Kim Jong Un?  Did he sleep with his dead baby like Santorum?


  • Notfullyformed

    Definitely one of the more bizarre front covers I have seen…I like your takes on it Bagman. I think though it’s actually a way to discredit Un by using specifically a black rapper because after all, if we can connect the evil of North Korea to the black culture and threat of takeover by blacks that our President brings to the White House, then swoosh (pun intended) in one fell swoop we discredit all blacks and make them just as evil as Un. it’s subtle and subversive but oh, hell yes, it’ll move product. It’s also insidiously racist. Welcome to America as envisioned by the right wing circa 1940. Gosh, gee, swell simpler times when white men were fully and completely in charge. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

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