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January 2, 2012

Juxtaposition of the (New) Year: Times Square / Zuccotti Park

Call it a tale of two cities.

I love Bloomberg’s sweater (but, wasn’t Rudy “America’s Mayor”???), the way he borrows the love from the pop icon, and even the distant riff on the Times Square Kiss (like the war’s over!) while the NYPD is muscling the (re-)Occupiers downtown. Not to mention, another tough night for Occupy women. (Yeah, I thought it was blood at first, too.) Then, I liked the 1% vibe of this Times Square shot of the Police Commish, also.

More Zuccotti pics and backstory. Ellen Barkin versus the NYPD. Pulling out the pepper spray.

(photo 1: Jason Kempin / Getty Images caption: Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Lady Gaga celebrate the new year in Times 2: Stephanie Keith/AP. caption: An Occupy Wall Street protester is arrested by police early Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012, in New York. Protesters clashed with police as they marched through lower Manhattan. Dozens of protesters were arrested as they tore down the barricades surrounding New York City’s Zuccotti Park just before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

  • bks

    The mayor is seriously underdressed for the occasion.


  • Alex Arbuckle

    I was photographing the protests and ended up spending New Year’s morning in the 7th Precinct holding cell. That’ll teach me to stand on the sidewalk.

    • Michael Shaw

      Thanks for the links, and the window Alex. One of the surprising, but maybe not surprising thing about the visual coverage is how little traditional media was covering the protest. AP and Getty had people on it, but not their regulars, and the number of pics and the scope was really minimal.

  • Bugboy

    Lady Gaga, always a genius for the visual, may be dressed in what appears to be a guilded cage?

  • Tmccarr

    Well we’re all sick and tired of watching anarchist being given the streets as if we, who don’t hate America shouldn’t be here. And lets stop the phony “They’re peaceful crap”. This is a mob pure and simple and yes, jumping up and down on barricades to bust them up is still considered destruction of “Public Property”.
    (I hope you rot in that holding cell)

    • Glenn

      so you’re okay with cops throwing people in jail just because they happen to be on the same sidewalk as protesters?

    • Alex Arbuckle

      Tmccarr, I’m a photographer, not a protestor. I was arrested while standing on the sidewalk NEAR protestors. Protestors tearing down barricades should be liable to arrest, not photographers observing them.

  • Stephaniekeith

    I don’t know if you consider me “one of the AP” non regulars, but I shot this on spec, the AP had nothing to do with it until I called them at 4am when it was over. I was surprised how few people covered this event too, nobody wants to work on NYE I guess.

  • Michael Shaw

    Thanks, Stephanie for the background. Along with the pictures, the mechanics of the market is insightful, too.

  • Stephaniekeith

    well I should say that the AP had a lot to do with it: their massive distribution system for one. But again not too many photogs down there that night just really the die hard OWS types and a couple newspapers

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