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January 9, 2012

This Somali Pirate Shot — Why it Matters

The shot: One of the Somali pirates captured by the U.S. Navy is escorted by U.S. sailors on board the USS Kidd.

Why it matters? Tyler Hicks caught this amazing juxtaposition of what you look like when you have food and what you look like when you don’t.

– Karen Hull

via NYT slideshow.

(photo: Tyler Hicks/NY Times caption: A pirate was escorted on the deck of the U.S.S. Kidd.)

  • Stan B.

    Takes about three of him to make up your average American.

    what happens when neighboring European nations are able to practice
    their own form of piracy by plundering Somali waters of every fish in
    the sea with their factory shipping vessels. And as if that wasn’t vile
    enough, they then dump their radioactive waste in their waters to poison
    what they ravaged for centuries to come.

    • Karen H

      Isn’t it amazing when one frame (or three, if you’re being literal) captures it all?

  • Mattpeed

    Pirates have food, but chew qat, a stimulant that curbs appetite, all day, every day. That is what you are seeing.

    • Stan B.

      Yeah, the whole country is a veritable cornucopia of milk and honey!

      Of course, the reason that an appetite suppressant is so popular couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that there is so little food.

  • Oakleys

    XQSLOHHKDFJ I like it very much!

  • tinwoman

    That picture is just tragic, absolutely heartbreaking.

    Of course you can see that the pirate had good, perhaps even better, nutrition than the Americans at some point in the past–he’s taller, and the one sitting is not too narrow chested.

    But then somehow it all went wrong.

    The point about the overfishing is well taken.  But, the area is also undergoing climate change and becoming desert.  The peope must be relocated ultimately.  They cannot go on living there.

  • Shirley

    Two things strike me:

    1) Jeez, the man is a skeleton — what better depiction of desperation is there?

    and (not to be glib or disrespectful — I really am curious) …

    2) Are those Florida Gators shorts he’s wearing? If so, how much more odd commentary can this image generate?

    • Karen H

      Interesting, now that you mention it. It looks like the same colors and visual incongruities are worth looking at in my book. At least it opens up further thoughts on what this man and his country have and do not have.

    • Stretch Ledford

      Looks like a Miami Heat logo to me.

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  • Joelsperber

    I get it, when you don’t have food you grow very tall.

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