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January 31, 2012

The Light You See at the End of the Tunnel is the Headlamp of a Fast Approaching Train

It doesn’t feel like a coincidence that these kinds of admiring photos are showing up just as Romney appears to be sealing the deal. The visual difference between GOP campaign audiences and the passion of the crowds packing Obama’s post SOTU-events has been striking.

via NYT slideshow: Obama on the Road

h/t: Craig Brownsteinphoto: Doug Mills/The New York Times caption: President Obama received a much warmer reaction when visiting a UPS Depot in Las Vegas the next day. Jan. 26, 2012. embedded photo: via Reuters Editors Choice.)

  • Susan

    Wow – what a perfect rock star photo.  It reminded me about the difficulties of Secret Service work these days, with crowds all pointing handheld devices at the Prez - also perfectly illustrated in photo 2.

  • Bugboy

    Hmm,,,speaking of SS, notice the lack of bald heads buzzing around the President.  
    However, the bald-faced adulation on the faces really bothers me,,,he is President, not King.

    • Anonymous

      Bald-face adulation?  You mean those kids?  Please – let them be thrilled.

      The soldiers are chuffed, and it is good to see it.  That is not adulation. The middle-class adults in Pheonix are engaged and appear to be listening carefully and thinking critically.  Again, not adulation.

    • Catherine McCallum

      Spoken like a true product of Fox News and the GOP. How many pictures have I seen of US presidents of every stripe surrounded by crowds of people who are simply thrilled to be that close to the leader of the country? But only now, in the post-Gingrich-as-Speaker, post-W-as-Divider-in-Chief, post-Murdoch-and-the-rise-of-hate-speech, post-Supreme-Court-rules-in-favor-of-the-oligarchy age, are we subjected to the idea that admiring a black, Democratic president is somehow not okay.

  • BooksAlive

    The Secret Service did not allow Obama to test drive anything at the Washington auto show, so he sat at the wheel instead.

  • bks

    I’d pay to hear a focus group of white Mississippian GOP likely voters discuss this picture.


  • Janis

    how did yuo get to more than 1 photo? I am not finding anything that works,

    • Anonymous

      click on the link @ “Obama on the road”

  • Thomas Gokey

    Sure, let them be thrilled. But it’s a bit embarrassing isn’t it?

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