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January 12, 2012

Our Take on Video Showing Marines Urinating on Taliban

1. “The Marines issued a statement saying that they had not verified the video’s origin and authenticity but that “the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines.” (via NYT)

…Yeah, I guess its been 10 months since that kill squad photo saw the light of day. Oh, but those guys were Army.

2. For an act of humiliation, these guys are pretty discreet about showing their members.

3. And it’s only worse because there aren’t any other pictures of the Afghan war attracting attention.

4. No “Live Leak” jokes, please.

5. I honestly don’t understand the pixelization.

6. I honestly don’t understand the different strategies for pixelization/discretion:

Soldiers urinating on Taliban TMZ






Screen shot 2012 01 12 at 1 04 08 AMAnd at Telegraph, I got to see a cool Jaguar commercial as lead-in!


AP. (Yeah, I can’t make it out either.)

Video at LiveLeak

  • Bamaguy1024

    How many of these Marines, and what percentage of the American people really know why we are fighting in the Middle East?  How many really care about the people of Afghanistan, or the people of Iraq, or Asia in general?  It’s not like WWII when there was a clear danger to our way of life. The Taliban does not have tanks, or aircraft, or battle ships, they are not a threat to us and the American people (other than service member families) are making no sacrifices and paying no attention at all to his endless, endless war that is sapping our strength and wasting billions upon billions of our tax dollars, month after month after month. THUS – the general attitude is PISS ON THIS…

  • bks

    Oorah! It’s okay to kill them but not to piss on them?   Take care of the former and we won’t have any stories about the latter.


    • Idon’t Know

      There is no end to the killing and we can’t kill them all.  This is obvious.
      I’m a career Infantry Marine with multiple combat tours.  You?
      This was stupid, unprofessional, and shows a severe lack of discipline.  if you are or were a Marine you should know this.  If not then you are doing it wrong.

  • Thomas Gokey

    This type of activity is the common stuff that war is made of. I’m tired of hearing the Marines or other government agencies respond as if this were some kind of rare event, the work of a few bad apples. The only thing rare about this is that it is public.

    This is one of the best aspects of Wikileaks, it shows just now normal war crimes are during war, and how rare it is to find someone willing to blow the whistle.

    It’s possible that the people in the picture will face some kind of punishment, but it’s more likely that the person responsible for bringing this to the public’s attention will be severely punished. The chances are pretty much zero that anyone not in that picture will face any kind of scrutiny.

    On point number 2, how would these pictures be different if you could see their penises? The media would likely be less comfortable showing it, use more pixelization, etc. It would be regarded as too pornographic. The dead bodies, however, are the acceptable kind of porn. Just like how the MPAA is more likely to give an N17 rating for one frame of a naked penis but is fine with bucketloads of blood and violence.

    • Spporter Porter

      WTF I dont understand. 

  • wmcq

    Were they pee-ing or masturbating? Hard to tell in a still.

    You have to wonder who is this photo for? It’s not the sort of thing you would send home to mom or the little woman. How many more of these are stuck to a wall in their local green zone?

    I guess it’s more sanitary than cutting their ears off…

  • bks

    Oh, *peace* talks, I thought you said …


  • Guest

    Disgusting, and pathetic that the media are blurring or pixellating the marines’ penises as though they are the disgusting parts of these pictures.

  • Anonymous

    As a Navy Corpsman some 40 years ago,  I pulled a tour of duty with the Marines.
    Speaking from 1st hand personal experience, jarheads are not exactlly the brightest bulbs in the sockets….if you know what I mean.

  • Stan B.
  • Thomas Gokey

    What don’t you understand?

    From the original post: “2. For an act of humiliation, these guys are pretty discreet about showing their members.”

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