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January 26, 2012

Brewer-Obama: Letter Rip

In an interview with KFYI radio in Phoenix, Brewer said Obama was “somewhat thin-skinned and a little tense, to say the least.”

from: President Obama, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Share Tense Tarmac Moment (ABC)

1. Commenting on the nature of Obama’s skin, huh?

“Coincidentally,” Newt repeated the same phrase in responding to the story.

2. This shot above got the overwhelming share of attention because it best captures the situation — a reactionary governor, overflowing with the same lack of respect for the President as the radical far-right she’s aligned with, hitting him with a handwritten letter insisting on a follow-up meeting after she trashed him in a recent book for allegedly not being personable enough when she met him at the White House. From the pool account, Obama responded to the letter with some unbridled thoughts about the book. Now, Newt can characterize it as Obama “lecturing her” again, but you could just as well call it an ambush. (Note Obama with the letter in his hand.)

3. Given that most voters realize how overly cerebral and meditated he is, Obama must realize it’s actually reassuring for people to see him get “a little passionate,” especially when the opposition rams his civility and compromise down his throat.

4. Maybe the best commentary on the Obama – Brewer interaction, however, can be seen in this photo PhillyBurbs included in its tarmac story. Consider it an analogy about relative maturity.

(photos: Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP caption 1: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer clashes with President Obama after he arrived at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport on Wednesday.)

  • ozonator

    Obama: “Boiled puppy?, Are you seriously eating baby dogs?

    Brewer: “In the GOP’s new Dark Ages for the 1%, it’s best with Looter Limbaugh’s iced t (bathwater) and tastes like a cross between bald eagle and free-ranged Mexican or Yankee placenta!  The only side effect has been to produce adam’s apples in some ‘women’ like Ann Coulter and James ‘esso-trouser snake’ Delingpole.” 

  • Karen H

    I have a feeling Obama had the thought he had managed her. At least, prior photos of the two seemed to suggest that.

  • Ritaf117

    When is it ever correct to wag  finger at the President of the United States in such a public in your face way? Man or Woman?  Jan Brewer repressents ll that is wrong with out country today.
    She reduces all of us when   she “sets Up’ this obvious trap for the President who was i am certain caught by surprise as just to how “tacky” the loyal opposition can get. 
    How far must we fall?????

    • Bamaguy1024

      My feeling EXACTLY Ritaf117, I applaud you!

  • Paul_D

    Poor Jan. The booze must be kicking in.

  • Ten Bears

    Great photos! I mean, just look at her – typically “American”… fat, ugly and stupid.

  • Ten Bears

    Great photos! I mean, just look at her – typically “American”… fat, ugly and stupid.

    • Anonymous

       I loathe this woman and her publicity stunt. But, Fat??? come on. If this is what’s considered Fat, it’s the result of a whole lot of brainwashing by the entertainment media complex.

  • Glennis Waterman

    You’ll notice who’s talking to the press here and giving this thing more attention than it deserves? Brewer.
    I’m sure elected officials meet all the time with other elected officials where the chemistry isn’t that great, or where they disagree on policy. But while they continue to work together, anyone who sincerely wants productive work isn’t going to air stories of personal interactions in those meetings, especially if they’re negative.
    Brewer stupidly aired those comments, and should have expected some reaction. The president, rather than taking to Facebook and flaming her, like a Palin would do, chose to have a one-on-one conversation with her about it now that she’s asking him for another meeting.
    Why should he agree to meet with her again if the last time he did she wrote nasty things about him in her book? why shouldn’t he point that out?
    Brewer should have kept this conversation private if she were professional. The White House’s comment on the incident was neutral. It’s Brewer who keeps whining about it and making personal slurs.
    She’s the one who’s “thin-skinned”  (and yes, her skin is certainly damaged, isn’t it?)

  • LanceThruster

    Yes, it’s a bit of “lookism” but her chin in the top shot makes me think of the “witch music” in Wizard of Oz when she’s riding past on the bicycle.

    Looks aside, her actions were quite crass and she represents the utter lack of class for the entire party (regardless of one’s stand on immigration).

    For a less reserved take on good ole girl JB, see:

  • Catherine McCallum

    I’ve heard a couple of accounts of this on NPR in which the blame is placed on Obama for losing his temper. Really, that’s how they’re characterizing it – even heard one person speculating that OBAMA staged it as a publicity stunt. Evidently they think people who listen to the radio don’t look at other news media, so they aren’t going to see this picture and figure out who on the tarmac was thin-skinned and rude, and who was mildly amused.

  • Momly
  • Emurphy4523

     Imagine the media response if President Obama had done the finger wagging

  • Shane Lear

    Lest we forget, they’re talking about a book whose forward was “written” by Sarah Palin.  That says it all.

  • Anonymous

    I know Brewer said Obama was condescending to her and you know she was just biting her tongue to keep herself from saying uppity.

  • Carolanewman

    What an embarrassing state of affairs, this women has made herself look like a person who has no
    Respect for the office of the President. Whatas apparent is not being mentioned. No one with any kind of respect for another human being would point their finger in another persons face. What a Moran this woman is. She needs to be taught some manners.

  • mrice

    What I’m struck by is how many commentators see Brewer “wagging” her finger in the President’s face. What finger wagging? Her finger is pointed–yes–but it is not in the President’ face, nor is any wagging-like motion visible in the single image.

    I’m no fan of Jan Brewer, but nor am I fan of people saying photographs show something that they don’t show.

    As Victor Burgin has written, “The photograph as it stands along presents merely the possibility of meaning.”

    • mrice

      Note the typo in the Burgin quote. It should say “alone” not “along.”

    • mrice

      Note the typo in the Burgin quote. It should say “alone” not “along.”

    • jhhooten

      Sorry. This is a still photo, so of course there is no actual movement. But I consider her finger to be in his face.

  • Ralfast

    I don’t agree with the Governor’s policies since I still have functioning neurons but then again, no man, especially the President is above reproach. The question for me is not, “How dare she wag/point a finger at him?” but “Why did she do it?”

  • Bugboy

    I recognize that look on the President’s face.  It’s the understanding that the person in front of you is not listening and has no interest in what you have to say.  Further discussion is pointless and you have better things to do, but you have to somehow assist that person.  That person is going to tell you how to do your job, no matter if it means giving them bad service in the end.

    I’ve had the same look on my face when I hear the public demanding services, saying “I OWN YOU!” whilst complaining about how high their taxes are.  Everyone is an expert.  

    Typical Arizona Voter:  ”See? Even our dumb-a$$ Governor can get to the King!  She can get an audience with His Royal Highness just like that!  And slip him a LETTER!”

    Wrap your brain around that a minute:  Brewer has planted the meme that this is the only way to reach our President?   By SLIPPING HIM A HANDWRITTEN LETTER?  How quaint!  What is with these red necked back woods post hole peepers and their fascination with the highest office of the land as if it were KING?  

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  • Zach

    He should have opened the letter and said, “’scuse me while I whip this out!”

    (RIP Cleavon Little)

  • jonst

    Agree with jhhooten….100%. I was raised on the West Side of Manhattan…Hell’s Kitchen. One would be asking for trouble if you waved a finger like that. Or put a finger out there, like that.

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