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December 8, 2011

Occupy Congress


Hmmm, wonder why we’re not hearing all that much about the Occupy march on Washington, and specifically, sit-ins in the offices of the Congressional leadership. Probably because the Congressional office buildings are also recognized as public space, the offices are small, and no one’s yet pitched a tent. That, and Occupy has been applying more leverage from beyond the building.

Here, Getty’s Chip Somodevilla stretches things out by playing off a mirror in Pat Toomy’s office, the net being two faces of Pat. Notice how the protesters fill the room right up to the desk of the admin. And it’s merry Christmas to all, right?


In this shot, Hensarling’s chief-of-staff tells Occupiers Jeb’s too busy to meet with them. No matter, though. It’s the presence that counts. If the effort lasts, perhaps it’ll actually become less unusual to see the people in the people’s house.

(This post at MSNBC also has a shot through the door of Eric Cantor’s office.)

(photo 1: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images caption: Dozens of demonstrators from Pennsylvania occupy the office of Supercommittee member Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) during the ‘Take Back the Capitol’ protest in the Hart Senate Office Building December 6, 2011 in Washington, DC. Demonstrators from 46 states have set up on the National Mall and will stage demonstrations all week, including occupying the offices of their senators and representatives until they agree to meet with them and talk about jobs, the economy and other 2: Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA caption: Andrew Duke (C), Chief of Staff to Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-TX, tells Members of Good Jobs, Great Houston and other progressive groups “occupying” Hensarling’s office that the Representative will not be able to meet with them in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, DC, Dec. 6..

  • Anonymous

    Being as the Occupiers are sitting in the lobby, are they not … lobbyists? Getting in to see your Congress person requires an appointment and, depending on the wattage of your power suit, a non-refundable security deposit.

  • psychohistorian

    Thanks for covering this Occupy “event”.  I am pleased to see the growth of our efforts with  many faces and fronts to reestablish ownership of our government.  

    I truly hope that the efforts go global so we can overcome the control that the global inherited rich have over “Western Democracies”, not just ours.

  • Glennis Waterman

    I think this is great, actually. They don’t need tents. Just come back, day after day after day after day. Make them face you.

  • Gassho

    The top shot is a beaut in terms of analysis potential..

    BUT it’s the second shot that holds the true power for me.

    Occupy is redefined, yet again.
    “Lobbyists”, LOL Black_Dog, that was perfect.

    I’d like to see a .0001%er try to get away with any insider shenanigans in this kind of situation, where the raw tide of normal humanity is present and bearing witness.  Demanding accountability by showing up. That’s powerful.  I know the dude in the shot is delivering the message that the bigger dude is busy, but it’s really easy to image this being the big dude himself, knee deep in The People. To the Elite, it must seem like a rising tide.

    The lines are coming into focus. Those who have manipulated, gamed and cheated the system are few, but clever; they’ve skyrocketed to unimaginable richness in record time. The raw public, the People who have been cheated and swindled, sold out and basically had their chips cashed in by others– they are MANY. They each have just a little power; but they’re friggin’ EVERYWHERE.

    We are the tide of humanity. If we start this ‘demanding accountability by showing up’ thing, it’s gonna get serious, even if we don’t always know what we’re doing. #Ohio #Egypt #Zuccotti #Washington #Annonymous #YouNameIt. You just can’t fight a billion headed beast, not even with a billion dollars.

    In fact, you could say we are the People’s Hydra.  You can refer to it as “we”, “it”, “us”, “me”, “I”, “ours” or “them”. There’s nowhere we can’t be. There’s nothing we can’t say. IT (WE) are showing up in Banks, Houses, Senate Offices, Streets, Parks, and Blogs. You can Occupy anywhere, because to Occupy is simply to #BeThePeople. This series about Occupy Congress is just a beautiful example.

  • Bugboy

    A politician uses “you are not a constituent” to avoid talking to protesters; this brings up a valid counter-argument about lobbyists: they are not constituents either if their address is K Street.

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