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December 18, 2011

Da Dumpt, Da Dumpt …. Sucks 2 Be U

Circulating with all the ceremonial images this week marking the end of the Iraq war and the homecoming of American forces was this troubling photograph from Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. In the picture, we see men and women attending the Air Transportation Technical School there posing at the end of August with a military casket. Inside is another officer in training, chained with a noose around his neck, pretending to be dead. After bouncing around Facebook the past few month, the photo was forwarded last week to the Air Force Times. (The crossed arm signal is used to stop a line of cargo or to indicate, perhaps on a noisy air field, that cargo has been secured.)

Because the photo is under investigation, we can only speculate about the motive here. Maybe it was a reaction to something specific. (There is some suggestion the scene might have been a reaction to the mishandling and loss of hundreds of remains by the Air Force mortuary at Dover.)  Maybe it was simple acting out. In both the rough image quality and the raw “tell me how you really feel” quality of it, though, I also wonder whether these soldiers, at least in part, might have been motivated to make a statement — before we turned over our bases and sunk into a permanent denial –that punctuated how we engaged in a war for no real good reason that thousands of our kids had to hang for.

Full story at Air Force Times

(photo: Facebook)

  • bks

    This is under investigation?  Amid the continuing, droning slaughter in Afghanistan and elsewhere?  When are Bush and Cheney going to be investigated for war crimes?


  • Ciclo

    No one is smiling.  What is the paddle the airwoman is holding in the upper left corner?
    What do Facebook entries say this is about?

  • Jaime Oria

    The ‘paddle’, from the poor quality of the pic, looks to be one of those light wands used by plane handlers to guide aircraft taxiing around an airfield at night. They can be seen in use at civilian airports all the time.  

  • Notfullyformed

    I’ll be completely honest…WTF? Sometimes without background info a picture alone does NOT tell a story. Could it be some sick joke that the dead soldiers left behind? Is it that the cargo has been delivered in whole and not in ashes? But why the noose? All in all, it’s a very creepy photo that makes me cringe, and yet I can’t quite define why.

  • Jaime Oria

    ” WTF ” – that’s an unsurprising reaction from outsiders when looking at a photo that’s obviously an INSIDE joke by co-workers.  I’m sure a photo of a group of sanitation truck drivers or workers at a city morgue could be as baffling.  These particular people happen to be participants in an emotionally-  and politically-fraught enterprise.  I’m surprised an apparent fuss is being raised over this photo – there’s nothing I can see that’s overtly racist, for instance.  Maybe the noose refers to a superior officer’s words or actions?  And THAT is why it’s under investigation, perhaps?  Can’t have the troops getting too lippy, after all… 
    The US armed forces have been on a long campaign to sanitize soldiers’ personal responses to what they do: no more officially-approved ‘demonic’ or death-themed (monsters, death’s heads, ghosts etc) unit patches or insignia, no ’sexy’ nose-art on aircraft (can’t combine Eros & Thanatos, no sir).  Aircraft cannot be given official monikers that can be construed as ‘occult’ either (not that any serviceman uses those, anyway).    

  • LanceThruster

    It may just be part of the “gallows humor” the job must sometimes require (at least as perceived by the trainees). Considering the lives of troops squandered in the manner our government has done in service of their lies and their true agenda and unspoken benefactors; it might as well have been an “execution” of those “caught in the noose” and sent to war.

    And, “sucks to be you” couldn’t be more clear.


    Private Joker: The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.


    Animal Mother: Better you than me.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s Obama’s heart felt Christmas message:

  • Piss Off

    Droning Slaughter, your a fucking moron. These are typical worthless AF pukes, obviously never had a friend return home in a casket.

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