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November 21, 2011

The Spray

I wonder how much the cultural and emotional impact of this secondary shot from the UC Davis pepper spray attack carries the specter of Agent Orange?  Then, there’s that red trail.

(photo:Brian Nguyen/The Aggie via BoingBoing.)

  • Philipdperdue

    I was wondering the same thing, though in relation to the first images that came out. in those pictures, the orange spray is backlit by a late afternoon California sun, making the spray look as orange as it can be. 

    Pepper spray has rarely, if ever, been so visible. 

  • bks


  • bks
  • Serr8d

    Pepper spray? Says who!

    • bks

      Yes, that’s what came to my mind.  I never made the Agent Orange connection.


  • Enoch Root

    This image diminishes the pain. Those students are frozen forever in that pose, as if it weren’t much worse than getting shampoo in your eyes. The truth of course is that they were struggling to stay arm-locked while the fire of a thousand hells invaded their entire pulmonary system.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s Obama’s heart felt Christmas message:

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