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November 8, 2011

The Herman (and Gloria) We Don’t Know

(Note: we first ran this post nine days ago, on October 31st, but in light of events, the photo is a lot more interesting today.)

“Don’t expect the traditional amount of exposure you normally get from a campaign wife,” Cain said about his wife, Gloria. “She’s not going to do that.” Cain, a charismatic orator known for riling up crowds at Tea Party events, said his wife of almost 43 years doesn’t desire to be the center of attention on stage or on TV.

“My wife is one of the most unassuming, not-looking-for-the-limelight-people you’ve ever met,” he said during a phone interview in between campaigning in Nashville. “And I’m going to keep it that way. I’m not going to push her out there to try to do things she doesn’t want to do. That’s not her personality.”


“Throughout our life together, she has been primarily the person who has taken care of the home because I moved around a lot,” he said.

from: “Herman Cain: My wife will not be traditional ‘campaign wife’” (Alex Pappas/Daily Caller/May 19, 2011)

Sometimes I like analyzing the words, too — as in this case, where Cain telegraphs the main purpose of a campaign, which is: scoring the limelight. (So much for wanting to make the world better, and other stuff like that.)

But then, let’s talk about the picture, since there are precious few floating around of Gloria Cain or of Gloria and Herman, and this is the one made available to the public by “Friends of Herman Cain.” If there is any truth to the allegations that Cain did sexually harass female employees as head of the National Restaurant Association, this photo is going to get a lot more scrutiny. If it captures anything, it’s what Cain was referring to — his wife’s reluctance about the public eye. Judging by the body language, Cain is having to, simultaneously, protect her, make light of the limelight, and maybe also cajole her a little to submit to the picture.

Strangely (or, not so strangely, given the opportunism), it’s still hard to know at this point how much Cain is that serious a candidate. If these allegations don’t go away, though, and Herman’s really “all in,” there’s going to be a lot riding on Gloria — her husband, otherwise, a solo act — to weigh in on his behalf.

In the meantime, those wire photographers — with their editorial feelers way up and smelling trouble — are already digging Herman into a hole. Here’s an example from yesterday’s not-so-comfy Q. and A. at the National Press Club, positing wariness, even fear, off “the Herman we don’t know.”

(Video: Cain at NPC. photo 1: “Friends of Herman Cain.” photo 2: Win McNamee/Getty Images caption: Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain speaks at the National Press Club October 31, 2011 in Washington, DC. During a question and answer portion of the program, Cain called the accusations of sexual harassment against him “a witch hunt.”)

  • Allhallows

    the ongoing Herman Cain follies are a sideshow

    while 20 million Americans can’t find work

    US soldiers are on trial for murder 

  • Momly

    She looks like a lovely woman; her smile seems genuine and I get the impression – based on others I know who she reminds me of – that she would be a good person to have in your corner. Herman should be GRATEFUL for that, especially now.

    However, there also seems to be a weariness in the tilt of her head and the slope of her shoulders; it’s very subtle but the body language suggests to me a bit of resignation. She is slanted away from him and as you’ve already suggested, Michael, he is almost swallowing her. I can’t see her arms or hands – is she embracing him back or did he just grab her giving her no time to do anything with them? Or are they up defensively, crushed against his embrace?

    I am reminded of an aunt of mine, married to an uncle who is(was) impulsive but who also adored her. She has put up with a lot of crap from him through their early years and now has determined she is going to call the shots. I wonder what would happen if Gloria Cain were to do the same?

  • bks

    I want to see the pictures of the women Cain harrassed.


  • Mario Luis

    Herman Cain has proved that he is only willing to tell you as much as your willing to find out. AKA zero transparency!

  • Jedwards

    “High-tech Lynching” having already been taken.

  • glenn

    She is his possession and he possesses her. She has no hands, she cannot act.

  • Serr8d

    The door, slightly ajar, with the evil eye of Sauron (sorry, the Media) peering in.

    That would be the same Media eye that didn’t even try to properly vet Mr. Obama, yet this time it’s struggling to search for and sour anything it’s gaze touches.

    • Thomas

      Listen to the big, strong conservative whinge about how life isn’t fair. How about you stop blaming Obama for all of your problems? Grow up and get a job.

    • glenn

      This idea of Obama not being “vetted” is amusing. We knew a lot about Obama’s personal history when he was running, and almost all of it has been repeatedly confirmed as true after much digging and ludicrous posing from the right. You’re just unhappy that your lies have failed to get any traction – that’s why you’re reduced to muttering about his undergraduate college grades from over 30 years ago.

      What you and most conservatives really seem to mean when you complain about “vetting” is that you didn’t know what he would DO when he was in office. And even that is ridiculous, since most of what Obama has done are things he campaigned on.

      What I and many on the left are unhappy about Obama’s approach to the Patriot Act and his actions in Afghanistan – but you guys on the right don’t seem to care about that.

  • bks

    We know she cancelled her one interview with Greta van Sustern on Fox (is the GOP now a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox?) and voted in the Democratic primaries in recent years.  We know that Herman did not bring her to D.C. to live in his luxury hotel.   What we don’t know is whether Herman will reach out for Maria Bartiromo at tomorrow’s CNBC-sponsored debate.


  • bks

    We know she cancelled her one interview with Greta van Sustern on Fox (is the GOP now a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox?) and voted in the Democratic primaries in recent years.  We know that Herman did not bring her to D.C. to live in his luxury hotel.   What we don’t know is whether Herman will reach out for Maria Bartiromo at tomorrow’s CNBC-sponsored debate.


  • Anonymous

    I will probably the last person to defend this guy.

    But I will proudly stand in the front line in defending his wife from assaults such as this. Show a little class and leave her alone

    • Thomas

      Tea Partiers have a very nontraditional notion of what constitutes assault.

    • Michael Shaw

      Assault? Based on this photo, I only empathize with Mrs. Cain. And, as for Mr. Cain, if this image deepens his indictment, it’s a value as well.

  • The Screaming Head

    Where’s Gloria in all of this sexual harassment?! Poor woman. That’s the reason he wanted her to stay home to “protect the calm of the family.” Because he knew that this was going to come out.

  • bks
  • Tinwoman

    Read Cain’s comments about his wife and count the number of “I”s.

    I’m not going to let her do this, I’m not going to let her do that, I’m going to keep it the way I like……

    Poor woman!

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