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November 13, 2011

Occupy Portland: Eviction Weekend

Occupy Portland

Youngstown, Tulsa, Salt Lake. Nashville. St. Louis.

If not the first eviction, Portland is one of the more timely — the wire photo one that the powers-that-be, and voices like the NY Observer (with their much ballyhooed “Go Home” editorial), have been pushing hard for. The shot, taken this afternoon, is not only a blow to movement morale as Portland PD walks (waltzes?) through one of the two Occupied parks while citizens remove their tents, but the face masks are also a kicker — as if the “peace officers,” riot gear hanging off their sides, might be seen by some to be navigating through “the stench.”

(photo: Natalie Behring/Getty Images caption: Police patrol the Occupy Portland encampment November 12, 2011 in Portland, Oregon. The tent city that was Occupy Portland began to be dismantled today as demonstrators complied with a midnight eviction warning.
(November 11, 2011)

  • psychohistorian

    The protesters did not comply with the eviction order initially and were able to hold off the police until late Sunday afternoon when they brought in 300 police from the surrounding area.

    This is what a police state looks like.

    • Anonymous

      With the UNCONSTITUTIONAL eviction instruction, you mean, right?

  • Kailuahale

    Also, in this shot, there’s so much trash on the ground.  The Occupy in our town takes great pains to keep it picked up and looking good.  It’s about taking our town back, loving it, respecting it.  There is little to no support for having it closed down.  Also missing from this story are all the new Occupy sites popping up around the country.  Some connected to a particular issue, like preserving a beloved State park.

    • Aurora

      Those are leaves on the ground, not trash.

  • Kailuahale

    The photo doesn’t capture the important part of this, which is not that the Occupy movement is ending (eviction, shutdown), but transitioning and becoming something new.  Portland Mayor, Sam Adams in Thursday’s press conference:

     ”It is my sincere hope that the movement,
    with its focus on widespread economic inequity, will flourish in its
    next phase – a phase where we can focus all our energies on economic and
    social justice, not port-a-potties and tents.”

    • Thomas

      Adams is perhaps the most corrupt mayor Portalnd has ever had, and he is certainly one of it’s most dishonest living citizens. That Portland’s occupiers allowed him to have a supporter’s voice as events unfolded shows just how uniquely undisciplined and ill-informed they are.

      Read Adam’s quote here again. The idea that by shutting down by force a peaceful, pro-democracy protest he is actually helping it, sincerely supporting it, encouraging it to flourish, is absurd bullshit. If Occupy ever wants to get real in Portland a good starting point would be trying not to be so gullible as to believe authorities who tell you they are really helping you by making you go away.

  • Joe Motor

    Occupy Portland to vote on this as something they officially support, Many in the movement all over the country support this document ” The New Common Sense”

  • Anonymous

    Yep, the PR spinners are working overtime on this.  All across the country, they CLAIM it’s unsanitary, smells, etc.  I can’t speak for all of them, since I’ve only been to Occupy Denver, but I CAN say that those masks don’t get rid of smells anyway, so… just more posturing and rhetoric in lieu of substance and cause.

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