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November 14, 2011

Gloria Meets the Press: Our Take on the FOX Promo Photos of Herman and Gloria Cain

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Here are our take-aways on the two photos of the Cain’s that FOX News presents, in this order, to promote tonight’s TV interview with Gloria Cain.

1. How telling that Herman dominates and holds the floor, when the whole point and focus of the program is on Gloria and what she has to say.

2. The fact that Gloria, set back as she, almost dwarfed by the guy, looking up to him from a distance, is a curious lead-off portrayal of a relationship. Even more odd, though — especially if you study the full size version — is the “disaffection” in Gloria’s body — demonstrated by the crease in her forehead, the slightly narrowed eyes, the mouth turned down at the edge and some tension in her neck. Given FOX’s right-wing agenda, is this the most loving and supporting photo they could produce?

3. Nothing is more demonstrative of Cain’s power relationship with women than Herman to the left, ladies to the right.

Regarding the second shot…

1. So, this the photo where we get to see them as a couple? Notice how Herman never budges, and Gloria, instead of aligning with him, remains square to the camera — the woman “in the middle.” Not only is there no chemistry between them, Gloria represents her husband to Greta with the hard and impersonal gesture of a closed fist and a backward thumb. My husband “that guy.”

2. Maybe it’s just a fluke, but it sure would be nice to see somebody’s wedding ring. (We sure, on the other hand, get a great view of the cross.) Maybe it’s random, but in both photos, Gloria’s ring hand is tucked very tightly away from the camera behind her back.

3. And then, in either pic, does Herman even know Gloria is there?  Of course, we know Herman is about one thing, which is media attention, even when what’s on display is his marriage.  I’m looking forward to the interview “with Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cain”  just to see how much space Gloria even gets.

(photos:  Justin Wells/FOX On the Record)

  • Anonymous

    No one looks at her. I don’t think the images are inconsistent with part of today’s Republican social perspective: Father is head of the household? A wife should love, honor, and obey her husband?

  • Anonymous

    Poor Herm can’t take his eyes off the blonde. Maybe, he thinks, she wants a job.

  • Chris

    In both shots with Gloria’s arms behind her back it looks like she was perp-walked to this interview.

    • Glenn

      In the photo of her that was posted here a few weeks back, I noted she is armless. She is armless here too.

      No eye contact with Gloria from him.

      Is that thumb gesture her hand or his?

      Other subliminal – they are in a wintery place, cold, bare trees, brown grass, and the harsh light of day.

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    I think the poor should be treated good.

  • Frenk Huber

    well, maybe it’s just a fluke, but it sure would be nice to see somebody’s wedding ring.

  • huz

    Thank you for any other great article.

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