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November 16, 2011

Off Colors of Benetton: Obama as Gay Lover

I’m interested in your take on the “unhate” Benetton campaign, and I’ve got a few take-aways, etc. (For reference, here are the rest of the layouts.)

1. The most obvious Q: Why does Obama earn two ads? (And then, why doesn’t he have a logical overseas special friend?)

2. With the American election coming up, the right-wing genetically wired to paint the Dem as soft and China already framing up as the next boogie man, I’m not exactly seeing the un-hate agenda here. (Plus, given that the haters are big fanciers of Google, it’s like: “thanks for the free photoshop job!”)

3. Last time around it was Kerry and the French.  Pass the freedom fries!

4. If I remember correctly, didn’t Obama break the Bush model for foreign policy (talk, don’t bully) in an early encounter with Chavez? As such, I think this ad is actually truer to form.

5. What might create just as as much dissonance in trying to fathom this is how freakin’ cerebral Obama is.

6. I get the German-French tension, but maybe Sarko just missed a cheek? …And then, I’m sure someone has some thoughts on the gender commentary.

7. Hu’s on first.

8. And Israel is still on top.

  • psychohistorian

    Definitely off color, poorly developed, and internally inconsistent.

    5 pictures.
    Two of them, N/S Korea and Palestine/Israel I guess representing “tribal” hate.
    Two of them with Obama and China/Venezuela representing “economic” hate.
    One of them, the only one showing a man and woman France/Germany can’t represent hate in any interpretation that I can conjecture.  Germany/France are in a deadly embrace of trying to economically heal their currently fatally structured family of countries.

    Why does the picture showing America eyes closed and China eyes open supposed to mean…and the tilt of Obamas’ head….gag?

    I agree with the poster about the Palestine/Israel one with obvious superior position shown to Israel…..get rid of hate but leave them unequal?  WTF?


    I wish I could get paid whatever these folks were to come up with crap like this.

    • karen h.

      They pulled the ad of the Pope kissing an iman.

  • glenn

    six months from now the World Nut News will publish one of these as though it were real.

  • anon

    this is just gross
    remind me to never buy their stuff

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  • Anonymous

    Here’s Obama’s heart felt Christmas message:

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