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November 16, 2011

Off Colors of Benetton: Obama as Gay Lover

Off Colors of Benetton: Obama as Gay Lover

I’m interested in your take on the “unhate” Benetton campaign, and I’ve got a few take-aways, etc. (For reference, here are the rest of the layouts.)

1. The most obvious Q: Why does Obama earn two ads? (And then, why doesn’t he have a logical overseas special friend?)

2. With the American election coming up, the right-wing genetically wired to paint the Dem as soft and China already framing up as the next boogie man, I’m not exactly seeing the un-hate agenda here. (Plus, given that the haters are big fanciers of Google, it’s like: “thanks for the free photoshop job!”)

3. Last time around it was Kerry and the French.  Pass the freedom fries!

4. If I remember correctly, didn’t Obama break the Bush model for foreign policy (talk, don’t bully) in an early encounter with Chavez? As such, I think this ad is actually truer to form.

5. What might create just as as much dissonance in trying to fathom this is how freakin’ cerebral Obama is.

6. I get the German-French tension, but maybe Sarko just missed a cheek? …And then, I’m sure someone has some thoughts on the gender commentary.

7. Hu’s on first.

8. And Israel is still on top.

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