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October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: On the Short End of the Supply Chain

It was interesting last week to hear some dissonant notes intermixed with the Steve Jobs remembrances, people chattering about exploitation of natural resources and foreign workers, about corporate power, and the the like. If found this an interesting Occupy photo to the extent it starts to draw the “less evil” brands into the Occupy Wall Street/social justice calculation.

Of course, the visual play on homelessness and people living out of cardboard boxes is mildly clever, but it becomes brilliant as it ties that association into the “new economy” with all its slogans and metaphors about the celebratory wonders — (moving at the speed of business; what can brown do for you! – of all that ever-increasing productivity.

(And then, is it true that Amazon’s corporate slogan is: “…And you’re done”?)

If I was in Lower Manhattan right now, I’d give this guy a hat tip in person (then, toss in a dollar) for helping emphasize how no sector of the corporate universe deserves a free pass in all this, and also how, as much as American’s are getting wrung out by financial services, they are also getting the short end of the supply chain.

Of course, this photo is a lot more evocative than that. I’m interested in how you break down the box.

The Bag’s full Occupy Wall Street coverage here.

(photo: Deng Jian/Xinhua/Zuma Press caption: An Occupy Wall Street protester painted slogans on a box at Zuccotti Park in New York City on Thursday.)

  • Joe M

    Losers protesting Big Corps as you tweet and talk on your IPhones. Amazing loons.  Smelly fools.

    • DrewSherm

      They are losers until they are breaking your door down, Joe… then they are scary.

    • Ralfast

      And why are they losers? Because they did not bring AR-15s to the protests? Or dressed up like Founding Father cosplay? Maybe the left the (misspelled) Communist/Fascist placards at home. That might give them some credibility. Or perhaps they don’t bow down to the ones you serve, waiting for Mana to descend  from the sky scrapped heavens.

  • Anonymous

    This photo captures a number of the responses I’ve had. The guy really is thinking outside his box, and that’s the power he wields: not pepper spray, but wit, intelligence, ideas, and language. Ideas, combined with courage, intelligence, and character are power. The target of the protests isn’t really “Big Corps.” The target is the idea that it is natural and right for 1% of the population to predate the other 99%. That they should be celebrated and rewarded for that predation.

    And note that this is not like the predation of “lower” animals. This isn’t felling just as much prey as one needs in order to survive. This is destroying for the pleasure of destroying, destroying much, much more than one ever could need. In addition to this idea, the target also is the economic/political system that embodies the idea. A system that consumes without creating, and governs without the consent of the governed. Liberal, Conservative; Republican, Democrat — Is the present state of this nation what you voted for? Is it what you consented to?

  • psychohistorian

    I see the guy stuck in the current box of unemployment that many are in here and around the world.  On the front of his box he is asking for a New Deal, maybe similar to that of the 30’s.

    He is a sad reflection on the waste of human capital the the current genocidal social organization we have currently….the short end of the supply chain of gainful employment.

    Unfortunately, given our current social organization, unemployment is only going to get worse as US consumerism finally dies and the multiplier effect that has on world wide demand for labor kicks in…..then you will understand the genocide claim above.

    Laugh the global inherited rich out of control of our society and into rooms at the Hague.

  • Gary

    Considering Amazon has taken the network infrastructure of the world over in its successful online business model…considering it just failed to deliver Lady Gaga’s latest offering…the world continues to witness who is thinking outside the box.

  • Gasho

    I like what I see because:
    He’s doesn’t fit the “youth” profile at all.
    He’s reasonably well dressed – not dirty, not hippie.
    He’s creative and expressive.

    He is effectively advertising his site, which echoes the yellow statement – “I think outside my box”.  The ramifications of this are great. Even the homeless can have a voice in this brave new world! … I just read his blog, actually, and it’s a great on-the-ground, real life voice he’s got – go read it.

  • omen

    thinking outside the box would make us wily and unpredictable. thinking outside the box makes us resourceful. and the oligarchs are running scared because they don’t understand the unconventional. they don’t understand the nontraditional. we threw out the old playbook, we threw out the old scripts. we are not afraid any more.

    Rise like Lions after slumber

    In unvanquishable number -

    Shake your chains to earth like dew

    Which in sleep had fallen on you -

    Ye are many – they are few.

  • WildWildEast

    Thanks for the shot and story. Actually, I had no plan to link the ‘box’ with homeless people, but thought painting in it, and thinking out of it were interesting, hence the play on the cliche – oh on SO many levels this protest works! Here’s a blog link

  • omen

    they tell you what you can’t do. they tell you what you can’t be. societal pressures shape you. we are
    pressured to conform. they put you in a box.
    while limits are needed so that we can be civilized, limits placed can be over corrective. limits placed stunt growth. before long, we start censoring ourselves, second guessing ourselves, hesitating and doubting our abilities.

    making the conscious decision to step out of the box and removing chains we’ve put upon ourselves is the first step to being an actualized being. stepping out of the box is when we begin to work to reach our potential.

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