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October 26, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Headbashing and Kittens

Oakland PD vs OccupyOakland


Maybe the question is: what’s occupying the media?

I don’t think I need to say a whole lot about this juxtaposition from Tuesday’s hammer-fisted de-Occupation in Oakland except to say this is an excruciating example of what happens when the media’s worst “human interest” instincts meet the highest and grittiest calling of the Fourth Estate meets the tug of the corporate state (to the extent news functions all-too-well as cultural anesthesia).

The screen shot comes from a photo gallery at the Oakland Tribune. The snapshot below it, from a post at Washington City Paper (“Oakland Police Love Kittens, Teargas“) is a snapshot of page 3 of the Washington Post. Notice, by the way, how the caption, as it emulsifies with the photo and directs a blast of humanity toward the Oakland PD, is a forceful FU to Occupy across-the-board.

(Here, by the way, is the photo from Oakland that I almost used.)

(h/t: A_l)

  • Amir Goy

    That’s what I’d call lettin’ that Freedom ring.
    Right up side yo head…..

  • tinwoman

    Straight-up propaganda.  Pravda territory.

    All is lost.

  • Tardigrades

    Small woman of color protects herself from being hit by huge white man in riot gear. 

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  • Laurelsmthome

    A defining moment for me was when students were shot and killed at Kent State during the Vietnam War protests. I lost faith in my country. Today that horrible realization that our freedom is so tenuous is with me again, as a Marine Veteran lays in a hospital injured by Oakland police. We are once again seeing the worst of our system.

    • Jonst

      I disagree Laurel……we are, I’m afraid, no where close, hell, nowhere close to being close, to seeing the “worst of system”.  I fear/hope (hope cause I want change) this is only the beginning of  change. Of challenge, to what has become an inflexible, arrogant, and ignorant governing elite.  IOW….our leaders suck….all of them. 

  • Opalesece

    It takes some creative photo editing to find and choose the pic of a kitten petting when most of the action and most of the photos/videos reflected a scene more akin to a war zone. But those realistic photos of police violence are harder to square with the hideous reportage noting the “danger” posed by rats and lack of cleanliness. Occupy Oakland has been an amazing coming together of people and will continue one way or another. From Oakland, with helicopters overhead and sirens wailing…

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  • Sgtrinaldi

    Well, it seems that kitten vs. woman of color being beaten boils down to print deadlines for the Washington Post. According to WaPo today, it didn’t get images of the violence until after deadline. So all our huffing and puffing over a media conspiracy was for naught.

    • Gasho

      REALLY?  You think they didn’t have access to violent images until the deadline passed?  B frickin’ S.  

      You can get quality pics of events happening RIGHT NOW all across the net. If they need their pics to come from reporters, well, those pics can be uploaded, emailed, instant messaged, tweeted or ftp’d in seconds. Do you really think they were legitimately delayed. no way.

  • Linda

    The cop is hitting a woman…a white male cop is hitting a woman of color. I don”t know why that statement reinforced by the image has suddenly and completely rattled my cage, but it has. Maybe it’s just a not-so-subtle reminder about how women fall into a 3rd class citizen category in our country right now. Between the “Let Them Die” legislation passed in Miss. Or the defunding of Planned Parenthood or the fact that for every 1 guy I know that is unemployed, I know 3 women that are as well.

    or maybe it’s just the sheer visceral response of seeing a heavily armed over fed cop beating up an unarmed person regardless of sex or race. Shows like CSI and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit routinely anesthetize us against reacting to this sort of depiction. But it doesn’t take the sting out of this kind of violence for me.

  • Bystander Again

    Protesters wearing out their welcome nationwide

    Methinks the Washington City Paper doth protest too loudly.  The “sympathies” of entrenched establishment might be wearing thin… in the same way that an out of control parent hitting a child thinks, Look what you made me do!

  • Ralph

    See? Kitty thinks this cop is a nice human.

    Born free or property – where do these cats get the idea that they can occupy whatever space they want to?

  • Ralph

    See? Kitty thinks this cop is a nice human.

    Born free or property – where do these cats get the idea that they can occupy whatever space they want to?

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