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October 5, 2011

Herman Cain Demographics


With Herman Cain rising in GOP polls, and Mr. Cain mostly keeping quiet (beyond that one boomerang) in the face of Perry’s racist rock, I was interested in this photo outside an Irish pub in Milton, Georgia on Sunday. The event drew an estimated one thousand people. Of course, we know that Herman, being an African-American, has a special symbolic role with right-wing Republicans. You’ll also know, if you’ve been following the campaign (1, 2, 3), that Herman doesn’t draw much of a following from blacks.

It’s one thing to know, but it’s another thing to actually get a sweep of it.

(photo: Curtis Compton/ caption: Republican presidential candidate businessman Herman Cain, fresh off a surprising win in Florida’s straw poll election, speaks to supporters as he makes a campaign stop and launches his new book “This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House,” outside The Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011, in Milton, Ga..)

  • Anonymous

    This setting is brimming with sinister overtones. A rural Georgia small town crowd of white folks gather around a black man — political rally is not the first thing to come to mind. Sure, those days are past, but still on the very edge of living memory.

    Also reminds me of Deliverance and the difference between the city-boy world and the highly overrated small town “values”. From the movie:

    [Lewis and Ed take a wrong turn looking for the river] 
    First Griner: Where you goin’ city boy? 
    Lewis: We’ll find it. We’ll find it. 
    Second Griner: It ain’t nothin’ but the biggest fuckin’ river in the state. 

    • Chris Conlee

      If you want to look at it that way, then by all means remember that Herman Cain grew up IN the segregated south, so those memories are ALL TO VIVID to him, yet he’s still succeeding on his own merit. I pray the ugly old days will one day be behind us for good. Imagine, if we elect two black presidents back-to-back in this country; that would be pretty exciting to me. Mr. Cain has my vote, and I’m excited and proud to cast it.

    • glenn

      A rural Georgia small town crowd of white folks gather around a black man

      I didn’t fully articulate it in my comment above, but after reading this in yours it sprung at once fully into my mind – it’s like a crowd gathering around a hangsmans’ gallows platform, the size of the stage.

    • MiltonBorn

      FYI: Milton is not small town rural Georgia. It is rich and affluent suburbia. Nortel, Verizon, Siemens and Honda have offices in  or near Milton.

  • bks

    Isn’t that rather a small crowd for a frontrunner 100 days before the first primary?


  • glenn

    Such a tiny, tiny platform.

    As one who works in the events-industry field, I can’t help but note the details of an “event” appearance.

    What a tiny, tiny little stage they’ve provided for him. Especially because it is so tall – three steps high. It’s actually very dangerous to put a speaker on such a small, high platform without railings. But here in this forum, it holds more meaning – he has a tiny, precarious foundation, yet he has risen higher so he is much more visible. He is in danger of stepping off backward into space.

    They have created a larger stage-like place for him, yet he is perched alone on his top-heavy tower – even the flag hasn’t been lifted to his height. (another incredibly unusual piece of stage dressing – why would you put the flag lower than the “players” on stage?)

    The setting is a parking lot – the lines for the spaces shape the arena. This further underscores the tiny-ness of Cain’s platform – it fits in a single parking space. It’s smaller than a car. The camera tripod to the left takes up almost as much real estate as the candidate’s platform does.

    The POV of the photo also dwindles his size – looking down from on high we see a tiny tiny man perched on a tiny tiny stage.

  • CathyMac

    The audience is keeping a respectful distance. Is this because Cain’s people (or the very large speakers presumably blaring) are holding them back? Or is it because while they like hearing him parrot their party line, they still find him essentially untouchable?

    • Atlas Friedman

      That those are the only two conclusions your mind can conceive speaks volumes about prejudices you obviously hold.

  • Atlas Friedman

    I’m floored by the amazingly racist comments from progressives in these comments (yet not surprised).

  • Bill BeSt lOGIN

    donor demographics show that 25% of funds are from woman , and rest 75 from men. these figures are from opensecrets website.

  • Michael Shaw


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info. Google told me Milton was about 35 miles north and east of Atlanta which led me to believe it was out in the country. Milton’s wiki page says that Milton was incorporated out of “the entire unincorporated northwestern part of northern Fulton County” in 2005 so it was out in the country not too long ago.

    Judging by your handle you were born there. You’re unusually articulate for a pre-schooler.

  • Reece Chenault


    As a young black guy, I’m completely floored by the level of cognitive dissonance Chris’s statement requires.

  • Jadedoptimist562

    Pray tell, Atlas… don’t just give us poor progressives a… um, shrug.  Please elaborate on the other possible conclusions you draw from the distance between Mr. Cain and his audience? 

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