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September 5, 2011

Romney: More Syrup!

Romney pancakes

I know I’ve been banging Mitt for his photo-ops (like the hay bale announcement, and the baby juggling in the blighted strip-mall). Not this time, though. Given his vibe as a refugee from the Sears-Roebuck catalog, a virtual throwback to the 50’s, the pancake breakfast (as if this, down to the kid’s haircuts, was shot on a set from the era) is the perfect Romney backdrop. It’s such a shame about his anger problem. Otherwise, “the look” is the perfect recession package — as comfort food.

…More syrup, honey!

(photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images caption: Former Massachusetts governor and republican candidate for president Mitt Romney and his wife Ann serve pancakes during a Labor Day pancake breakfast on September 5, 2011 in Manchester, New Hampshire. New Hampshire will hold the nation’s first presidential primary in early 2012.)

  • Pat DiLorenzo

    I thought food servers needed to wear gloves while serving food.  I guess not if you happen to be a BILLIONAIRE serving the grub!

  • Ciclo

    Only two?  How much sausage will the kid get?

  • Gasho

    What, exactly, is the message behind a campaign photo op like this?

    – If this guy wins, he’ll be in the trenches doing good deeds to make sure we are all being fed and taken care of!

    – This is a regular activity for this man, this is a photo of him just being himself and volunteering his time, as usual, to help others.

    Why doesn’t this kind of blantant BULL backfire — it’s such a blatant LIE.

  • Anonymous

    A majority of those listening to the debate on radio thought Nixon had won. A majority of those watching on television thought Kennedy had won. Nixon learned his lesson about sweating and 5 o’clock shadow. (I have to admit that when I saw the kinescope a couple of times not long after the broadcast, he looked to me like a thug who was sweating because he’d been put on the spot.)

    On that one I can ask you to cut me a little slack. I was a high school kid. With Al Gore, though, I have no excuse. He seemed stiff and robotic to me. I was turned off. I did vote for him, but I didn’t work to promote his campaign. Partly because, to reverse the perspective, Bush seemed such a loser and a clown that I couldn’t take him seriously. Yeah. Very, very, very bad assessment.

    [Aside: If you haven't seen the documentary Crawford, you might want to check it out. Get the DVD if you can, and watch the extra stuff after watching the main video. I found it both moving, in affirmative as well as depressing ways, and totally relevant to what the BAG community is about.]

    Remember the last go-round? Romney often foregrounded his family, and it worked totally against him. Can one forget the images of his sons astride their identical LDS bicycles, wearing their identical LDS outfits, flashing their identical LDS smiles? Identical to Romney’s (except when he’s lost his temper)? Spooky! They resembled a complete Stepford family.

    So he’s trying a different image this time. Non-Mormon, non-professional pol, non-corporate raider (destroying not just jobs but lives in order to fatten his larder). No Stepford kids this time. Instead, hay bales and pancakes. Totally authentic this time, right? Totally genuine, spontaneous, and non-staged or -scripted.

    What!?! You folks dare to question what you’re seeing? How cynical, suspicious, and … perceptive you are.

  • Bresson

    Mitt: “How long do I have to keep buddying up to these commoners (and
    pretending I like it) before the photographer gets the shot?”

    Mrs. Mitt: “Is your elbow getting tired, Dear?  Do you need me to hold
    it?  Massage it a little?  Just a few more minutes.  These kids look
    cute.  They could be the ones.  And yes, you do have to pretend you like

    Kid:  “How long do we have to keep standing here while he waves the
    pancakes back and forth before he gives them to us and we get to eat?” 

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