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September 14, 2011

Jobs on the Line (his Included)

Obama Jobs Helber AP

This photo, taken in Richmond the day after Obama’s jobs address to Congress (and the day before BHO played it again in Boehner’s backyard), has had a wide footprint. I’m wondering what the meta is, though. IE:

1. Not messin’.

2. Mad as hell … and not giving in anymore.

3. Grab hold (for Congress end-around).

4. Heat’s there, but it’s still a reach.

(Steve Helber/APcaption: President Barack Obama gestures during a speech on his jobs bill at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Va., Friday, Sept. 9, 2011. Obama is urging voters to get behind his new jobs bill and pressure lawmakers to pass it, delivering the message on the home turf of one of his chief GOP antagonists.)

  • Anonymous

    We’re back at I Want You. Last time we were here the so-called Tea Party was playing this connection for irony or sarcasm or some other TP-ish fever dream.

  • Anonymous

    Great catch, bdb! My first response was to be so overwhelmed with resentment that this guy had been shrinking behind and beneath the proverbial violet that I wasn’t immediately struck by the deliberate allusion? parallel? to Flagg’s poster.

    This is a strong leader, summoning equally strong supporters and in-your-face confronting pusillanimous opponents willing to destroy our nation in the interest of gaining meaningless advantage in some horrendous game. I’ll save the photo, because I don’t expect to see this guy again.

    BTW, folks, did you see Matt Wuerker’s CAP cartoon of the day? In case not, I’ve attached it. (Note that it’s from noticeably right-of-center Politico.

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