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September 26, 2011

Obama Flickr Update: Chris Christie’s Got My Back

Obama Christie Flooding Desat

Obama Cantor Jobs Address Desat

What’s most notable about the new batch of photos — 26 in all — uploaded to the WH Flickr Stream? Besides the cornucopia of 9/11 photos, what stands out, with “Chris Christie’s got my back,” “Barack and Eric Go to the Presidential Address” and “NASCAR champ in the house as we look at pics on his iPhone,” is (per usual) all that visual triangulation.

(Desaturation mine.)

(photos: Pete Souza/White House. caption 1: President Barack Obama talks with residents while touring a neighborhood affected by Hurricane Irene in Wayne, N.J., Sept. 4, 2011. caption 2: President Barack Obama talks with Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., prior to entering the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., for his address to a Joint Session of Congress to outline the American Jobs Act, Sept. 8, 2011.)

  • Lucaites

    Actually, I don’t find the triangulation all that odd (or interesting) given that the point seems to be to put our man BO at the apex — or should we say, “in the middle.”  The Cantor photo might be a little different in this regard–is it a triangle or a parallelogram with BO and EC anchors the ends?  But what do you make about the photoshopping of the images to desaturate color for everything but BO and his “other” in the image?  By calling attention to itself it invokes a certain degree of reflexivity, almost making is somewhat unreal … in its way, it seems to say, don’t believe everything you see.  

    • Stella

      That is bizarre – thanks for pointing it out. 

    • Lucaites

      MIchael:  I just noticed the parens above in which you indicate that you did the desaturation.  I missed that first time through.  That obviously mitigates much of my comment above, but not entirely so.  Why did you do it?  My first thought was that you wanted to call attention to the triangulation, but if so you would have left more colorized.  Or rather one might wonder what pattern of triangulation you are calling attention to. And with what purpose?  For my part the triangulations move to the foreground, but I notice that you feature the barely noticeable background.  I can’t believe that’s random on your part … but its not clear what your motive is here. It might be interesting to see you tease that out.

  • bks

    Where’s Cantor’s flag lapel pin?


    • Anonymous

      Good negative observation, another hound not barking. These images show the blood enemies, the Hatfields and McCoys of the 24 hour news cycle engaging one another sans spittle. In a Rovian tv with the sound off sense BHO is taming the not-so-lions of the “other” side. In these images there is an alpha and it ain’t the Lilliput du jour.

      Not that anyone is really noticing.

  • Anonymous

    ‘…there is an alpha and it ain’t the Lilliput du jour.’

    Which seems not so much triangulation, with its undercurrent of manipulative dishonesty, as simple truth. Both Christie and Cantor are small-minded idiots. Obama isn’t.

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