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September 23, 2011

Hippie Kooks

As  the “Occupy Wall Street’ action is largely ignored or ridiculed by big media, the article denigrating the action by the NYT features a photo of a guy in a suit looks askance at “the hippie kooks” as he skitters by.

If the AFP wire photo above captures a cogent protest poster doubling as a cut-to-the-chase economics-op-ed, sandwiching this guy between two suits and then framing him like the town crier in a church doorway, short of the full “kook treatment,” makes this snapshot artistic at best.

(photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP. caption: A participant in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrates as finance workers try to get to work around Wall Street, in New York, September 19, 2011. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the street to protest against the US capitalist system.)

  • Doran

    The protests are all just entertainment for the suits.

    • jonstl

      Maybe for now Doran.  Let’s see what the future holds.

    • Serr8d

      Easily ignored, because they obviously haven’t a clue as to how free enterprise works. It’s not free, and shouldn’t be seen as a font of free-money to those who don’t want to work. TANSTAAFL.

      Better to protest taxpayer monies given to questionable startup ventures; say, half a billion dollars given to what turns out to be a certain party’s political donors and operatives disguised as a favored ‘alternative energy’ source that can never compete with the big four: coal, petroleum, nuclear and hydro. Of course I speak of Solyndra, but just as easily I could speak of the bird-choppers.

  • eatherich

    class warfare is when your mansion is burning from the molotov cocktails being hurled by the angry poor

  • bystander


    Can also be interpreted to mean that those who shoot for large gains, should also be prepared for large losses.  That’s also a key to this so-called free enterprise system.  And, private risks – as Wall Street took – shouldn’t be publicly backstopped.  You’re right, Serr8d, to the extent that Wall Street undertook the enterprise, the costs of such shouldn’t be “free” – never mind subsidized – for them.

    On the other hand, Serr8d_the_economic_guru, there are enterprises that are in the public interest.  And, research and development in those domains is entirely deserving of taxpayer support.  Innovations in medicine being one, and by analogy, energy – for those of us who aren’t afraid to look the empirical evidence straight in the eye – is another.

    Capitalism, as an ideology, doesn’t argue that government plays no role in this free enterprise system.  You need to set a copy of The Theory of Moral Sentiments alongside your copy of Wealth of Nations.  You could be amazed to discover they were written by the same individual.

    • Ralfast

      Or what the Wealth of Nations says about merchants, war and taxation. A real eye opener.

  • Anonymous

    The sign the kid is carrying reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon. Little boy standing before man sitting in an easy chair. “Yes,” the caption reads. “Daddy makes things. He makes things called deals.”

    • bystander

      bystander say, When one make deal on “blue sky,” one need consider the probability of rain.

  • Anonymous

    As much as a certain segment of society chooses to combat what they perceive to  be the gaming of society by entrenched power interests perhaps we ought to ask the uncomfortable question- does anyone then really care anymore? And if they did, how is it that the movement that started off with 5000 members last weekend has dwindled to less than 200 come this weekend? After all the concerns of the ‘occupy wall street’ group are legitimate ones with deep consequences.

  • Iguana Keeper

    it’s hard to believe the guy in the mustard yellow tie makes much money, not hardly a typical suit type with a pen behind his ear and a hook hanging from his jacket. 

    • Bugboy

      But he’s GOING to be rich one day and he darn well doesn’t want those poor rich folks paying taxes while he’s not there!

  • Ralfast

    Easily ignored by you, perhaps. Nowhere does this picture say that “free enterprise is free” and you forget all the billions that go to subsidize fossil fuels at times of record profits or that these very same cretins got “bailout” with trillions of tax payer dollars and all they did was dump it into compensation packages and bonuses.

    Time to pay the Piper.

  • jonstl

    Given the money made in cheating people and various entities by the use of ‘exotic financial instruments’, and when this cheating blows up in the face of the cheaters, the money made by forcing the US to pony up money to cover the losses….I would think that if ‘free enterprise’ is about anything it IS about ” font of free-money to those who don’t want to work”. Unless robbing be deemed work.   I know…I know, how can a white guy in a suit and tie be deemed a robber?

    As to “questionable start up ventures”, yes, by all means Serr8d,  let us–once again–take a tiny data set–data, by the way, that may or may not be accurate or relevant–and from that, backed by the Koch Brothers, i.e. legacy energy industries, start a campaign in the MSM to decide what our energy policy should be into the distant future. 

    I despise this President because he is, among many other things, too weak to call out the Koch Brothers, and their hacks in the MSM, out on this farce that will now dominate the news for the next 18 months.  Future generations will look back on us with rage, and bafflement,  that, in the face of the most serious problem that nature ever faced  we decided energy policy on this kind of thing.  Is that not one person in the Democratic Leadership that can stand up to economic terrorists?  (sound of crickets)

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