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September 23, 2011

Barach Obama? Yeah, in his Prayers

Obama New York First Jewish President

Solid defender of Israel — so much so that he ended up looking like a hypocrite at the U.N. this week having backed the Libya uprising, called for a Palestinian state last session, then ended up appealing on Wednesday for Abbas to back down from seeking statehood — Obama started the week having just watched the Orthodox ultra-right and more moderate Jews sink him in New York-9 largely because he’s refused to be pushed around by the radical Netanyahu.

Playing on the line by Judge, WH counsel and mentor, Abner Mikva, during the campaign that “people are going to see Obama as the first Jewish president,” what this cover characterizes, in the most cynical terms, is how Obama (God help him), in praying for everybody (not just on Israel-Palestine, but what seems like every other doctrinaire battle, as well) isn’t finding the holy spirit with anybody.

(Cover article: The Tsuris)

(NY Mag Design Director: Chris Dixon)

  • Nemo

    Bam bada Bam!
    This picture nails it.  The shot view is so symbolic of the many things and promises he has turned his back on. 

  • Nemo

    Bam bada Bam!
    This picture nails it.  The shot view is so symbolic of the many things and promises he has turned his back on. 

  • jonstl

    I think this unfair. I would say he is the third “Jewish President’.  Clinton and W were the first two. And we would have to see a revolution in this nation before we see a person who is NOT the “Jewish President, in the White House.  They don’t get to be candidates for President if they are not set on their roles.

  • Boxcar

    EVERY president has been the first Jewish president. AIPAC anyone? The blatant, blind, one-sided and now ill-advised support of all things Israeli is not only jeopardizing US standing in the world, but now may be the single greatest threat to Israeli national security. Israel’s stubborn, racist refusal to see the changes in the middle east and their inhumane treatment of an entire race of people will no longer be tolerated.

    Israel, and if that meants the US pushing them and therefore whatever president sufferring from the zionists screed of anti-semitism, must realize the truth of the world and move to acceptance rather than cling to the hate of the past.

    • jonstl

      By no means would I call Ike a “Jewish President”.  And by that term I mean, not sure what others mean, but I mean someone who puts the interests of the Israeli Govt ahead of US interests. Or, perhaps it more accurate to say, what the Israeli govt thinks is in its best interests. 

      And I doubt I would put Carter there either.  Or the first Bush.  But Ike for sure.

  • AC Missias

    I presume that this is meant to be a play on the characterization of Clinton as the “first black President” — that there is truth and irony/humor in it…

    Don’t really know what to make of the image.  Probably has unique connotations in New York, where the sight of yarmulke-wearing Jews (of varying degrees of orthodoxy/elaborate dress) is pretty common and yet politically charged in a variety of ways.  Would be interested to hear from Manhattan or Brooklyn residents…

  • LanceThruster

    Kind of like Ed Koch is a “Democratic” former mayor who publicly supported the Republican candidate because they were better for Israel (seems as if everyone over here campaigns as if they’re running for the Knesset).

    If that isn’t a crystal clear example of how someone’s “core principles” can be thrown under the bus in service of their true agenda, I don’t know what is.

  • Anonymous

    The heavy line at the top, “The Stripper & The Conman,” caught my attention. So is Judith Miller the stripper and Barack Obama the conman?

  • Boxcar

    Thanks, jonsti. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the US Prez’s have put Israeli interests ahead of the US. Rather, the US has favored Israeli interests above all others for numerous reasons (AIPAC influence, the US Christian relationship with Judaism, and so on). 

    The contradictions and hypocritical nature of our treatment of Israel (the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and nukes in general immediately comes to mind) exposes to the rest of the world that the US has had its thumb mightily on the scale on Israel’s side since 1945. Often for the right reasons, but lately, purely to allow Israel to continue its near fanatical refusal to move any kind of peace in the middle east forward. In this regard, every president since FDR has been a “Jewish” president. Even Carter, who’s efforts at forcing Israel to the peace table went along way to his failed re-election.  

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