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August 22, 2011

The Symmetry of Bush Perry

Bush Perry NYT Reuters photo

The NYT was right and fair to publish this photo in spite of the “rebuttal meme” that these are different guys who can’t simply be lumped together. Looking at the optic, I don’t think you get the sense at all they are clones as much as you get the feeling — captured by the inside chatter going on between the men while receiving the applause (combined, of course, with what we know of their cocksure personalities) — that they are both players.

To the extent they are both ardent conservatives who bring a fundamentalist ideology unapologetically into their politics, who operate with an unmeditated swagger expressive of and mutually credited to their hailing State (that attitude contributing generously to to all kinds of missiles raining down on the U.S. economy and America’s international credibility, 2000-2008), the photo, with all of its symmetry (Dubya and Perry at the base of a big “U”) not only deserves to be circulated, but should be kept in full view through Campaign ‘12 as a legitimate point-of-caution, if not out-and-out red (white, and blue) flag.

(photo: Larry Downing/Reuters NYT caption: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and President George W. Bush at a campaign event in Dallas during the 2002 midterms. Article: Twang and Job Title Might Be the Same, but Perry and Bush Keep Their Distance (NYT))

  • Anonymous

    Showing my ignorance, who’s the other guy? Does it matter?

  • Stephen C. Rose

    Please join me in a Web wide campaign to dub Perry Bush 3

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know anything about Gov Perry other than he’s practiced at signing death warrants but I never saw the swagger of His Dimness as anything but dry drunk projection, an affect intended to paper over a well-earned well-deserved well-developed inferiority complex.

    The Decider at crunch time, interrupted while studying The Pet Goat.

    • Michael Shaw


  • bks

    It’s going to be a long election year.   I’m stocking up on shotguns, canned food, and absinthe.


  • Michael Shaw

     Guess I inadvertently created an outlet for comic relief. Sorta like a liberal PSA. Must be (as much) the dog days of summer.

  • glenn

    They look like two performers who are acknowledging to one another that they are pulling one over on the rubes in the audience.

    • Megan

      And who do they have under their arm?  Older white men. 

  • Matt

    Only one of these guys gets to be president. The other one doesn’t come from a powerful political dynasty.

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