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August 27, 2011

Your Turn: Gaddafi Disintegrates?

TIME gaddafi sands cover

The illustration is very cool, but I’m wondering: what does it symbolize, exactly? and, how realistic, or fair, is it to international and Middle East politics? Also, isn’t the illustration — Gaddafi just evaporating into the desert sand — solely hinged on the fact he has yet to be captured or killed?  (…Next up, the “X?”)

(Tim O’Brien’s detailed background on the cover.)

(illustration: Tim O’Brien for TIME)

  • bks

    It means that they ran out of ideas.


  • Thomas Gokey

    It’s a pretty cool image to me. While it’s not the primary connotation, as a subtext it looks a bit like sand running through an hourglass.

    It’s also a humiliating image, Gaddafi is literally losing his face.

  • JOHN

    It reminds me of Shelley’s poem, “Ozymandias,” in which the speaker tells of meeting a man who found a statue in the desert—a monument built by the tyrant Ozymandias to himself.  It said, “Look on my works . . . and despair,” meaning no one could achieve what the Big O had achieved.  Because the stranger found the statue in a crumbled state, the saying takes on another meaning, i.e. “despair” of ever creating anything permanent.  I guess that is a lesson Ghaddifi is learning today. (It might be a good lesson for the American exceptionalism crowd as well.)

  • omen

    a quote from gaddafi earlier in the year, march 23, protesting nato’s actions:

    “There are demonstrations everywhere against this unjustified
    assault, which breaches the United Nations’ charter,” Gaddafi said of
    the international attacks.

    “This assault … is by a bunch of fascists who will end up in the dustbin of history.”

    looks like daffy beat nato to that ash heap.

  • Hubris Sonic

    Gone with the wind?

  • AC Missias

    some mix of “his days are numbered” with “vanished into the mists/sands” — certainly the fate of Quadaffi himself seems the least clear aspect of the change happening in Libya…

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