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August 8, 2011

Economic Fall Out: More Issues With George

Economy Mag Bush Dollar bill

Before Krugman completely loses it over the S & P, and Drew Westin totally loses it over Obama’s failure to frame, well, anything … and before one more publication tries to use George Washington and the dollar bill to illustrate this supposed tail-spin the economy is in, CoverJunkie reaches back to 2003 for of a least a little bit of context Weston and the Dems seem to be crying out for.

If I get the gist of it, this Italian magazine is complaining how Bush and the U.S. pushed the bill for the U.S. recovery onto the Europeans by way of declining consumption, lack of financial reforms and lack of investment. Hmm, interesting.

  • Edhamlin

    Substantiate your thought…
    Conjecture make for a bad mistress and gets many in trouble. Reality is the problems we are experiencing are more that who was the head honcho,  it is about the massive political machine (including special intrests and lobbyists) that has driven our country to it’s current state. Power hungry selfish people are the problem (Greed topping the list).

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