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August 14, 2011

I’m Perry Sure I’ve Seen This Movie Before

A few thoughts now that Perry’s in:

1. I had this bad dream last night that President Perry was meeting in Texas with his new buddy, Musharraf. Guess he’s preening like a peacock because he thinks he’s found his own Pooty-poot.

2. Who stands like that?

3. Who dresses like that?

4. I think Mrs. Musharraf is onto this guy.

5. Pervez and his wife are like, “get it over already.” Rick and his wife (immortality awaits!) look like they’re posing for a postage stamp.

6. But seriously, there are really people out there willing to go through the swaggery – Texas  - “I love to read!” – take no prisoners – leave it to Jesus – I love me, I love me, I love me-thing again???  … Wow. Just wow.

(photo: Michael Thomas /AP caption: From left, Anita and Gov. Rick Perry and Pervez and Saba Musharraf met for lunch at a hotel in Austin. The former president of Pakistan said he requested the meeting with Perry to ‘exchange notes’ about Texas’ recent economic )

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