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July 29, 2011

Papa John Failed Them

House Debt Ceiling Pizza

1. Now see? If they’d ordered Godfather’s Pizza, they would have gotten the job done cuz Papa John [Boehner] failed them. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

2. I heard a GOP Congressman on the radio say tonight, if they still had pork to pass around and not just stale pizza, things would never have come to this … though it would have cost the taxpayers about another $2 billion.

3. Did you see what happened a few seconds into Reid’s press conference ripping the House bill tonight? One of the press phone/recorders on the lectern starting ringing. While Reid and Schumer fumbled with it, a reporter quipped: “Pizza’s ready!”

4. Certainly, this is my lasting image of a 112th Congress that delivered as much.

(photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images caption: Pizzas are wheeled into the House of Representatives while they wait to vote on Speaker of the House John Boehner’s debt limit plan during a House recess at the U.S. Capitol July 28, 2011 in Washington, DC. Boehner’s version of a plan to end the debt limit impasse was scheduled to be brought to a vote on the floor, but was delayed while the Speaker met with members of the House.)

  • BooksAlive

    Priceless! Hearing it on radio, I missed the quizzical, confused looks, and the repartee about pizza.

    Illinois’ unfortunate new Deadbeat Dad, “no more debt on my children’s backs” Rep. Joe Walsh was on C-Span on Friday. Smiley and self-contained while explaining the unpaid child support to his wife and children of 8 years ago, the first screen in this 24 min. video is the pose he maintained the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    Now when I say, “product placement,” that’s what I’m talking about!

  • jonst

    Priceless look on the woman’s face. ‘WTF is wrong with these people’

  • Gasho

    This is what Congress decides to do with the last $345.92 left in the treasury’s borrowing power as of Saturday night… spend it on themselves and order some pizza pies.

    Boehner got a low balance alert on his BofA iPhone app US Treasury Edition.  He thought of the brilliant plan, quickly gained consensus among the various factions and without delay — phoned in the order.

    “Screw it”, Reid was said to have said when heard the proposal, “why not?”

    Photo: Her look isn’t so much, “these idiots”, it’s more like “They better
    have cash, I’m not taking credit on this  – and somebody better tip”.

    Thus the last pieces of the US pie were distributed; and the ubber rich ended up with 99% of it. #nopieforyou #vacuumupeconomics #longlivethebag

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