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July 12, 2011

Only Murdoch Mug Shot So Far is a Smiley Face

A photographer friend, responding to this pic in the NYT Lens “photos of the day” slideshow, wrote to ask why most pictures of Rupert Murdoch, since the hacking scandal broke, show him looking so upbeat. And now I’m wondering too.

Murdoch SMH

Murdoch BBC Rebekah

Checking GoogleNews Images, it’s not that the currently embattled Rupert hasn’t been depicted in a few instances as embattled (or a little and sallow and meglomaniacal). It is curious, however, how often the media (maybe instinctively not wanting to kick a human hornet’s nest) tends to, instead, propagate the image of a sweet older guy, or your favorite uncle, or even a countenance akin to the harmless Marlon Brandon/Don Corleone shuffling around in the garden tending his tomatoes.

Murdoch NDTV screen shot

God knows the man is aware of how to put on a face. But, like my point in this recent Tumblr post about an “Rupert outlier shot,” it does seem like he’s visually getting a pass. But then, with this scandal shining most likely a very temporary light on how exponentially big and bad this guy is, is there any surprise?

(h/t: DG. photo 1: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images caption: News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch leaves his London home on July 11, 2011. Media baron Rupert Murdoch Monday fought to keep his bid for satellite broadcaster BSkyB alive after reports that his top executives were aware of the widespread phone-hacking which felled News of the World. Murdoch flew into London to take personal charge of the scandal that caused the demise of the 168-year-old British tabloid as calls mounted for the government to block his media empire’s BSkyB bid..screen shots: BBC , NDTV , SMH. embedded photo: Telegraph.)

  • GamesPlayer

    The book _Snakes In Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work_ lets us in on his kind, and gives us suggestions on how to not let them be in charge of anything.

  • omen

    was he coached to always appear like this by some damage control PR firm? i guess this is what the smug satisfaction of impunity looks like. neener, neener. especially in the second pic. never let ‘em see you sweat.

    wiki says he studied at oxford, where he supported ..(gasp)..the labour party. how did he get to be such an ahole?

  • omen

    usually it’s murdoch who’s the one unleashing the swarming media circus beast upon some subject. now the shoe is on the other foot. his expression in the first image looks like a kind of detached appreciation (or pride of profession) for this kind of frenzied tabloid energy. even as he is subjected to intense scrutiny.

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