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July 6, 2011

Your Turn: One of These Is Not Like the Others

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Once again, we have a TIME cover tailored and tinkered with to supposedly better suit the American political climate. What does this say about us? about drugs and Mexico? about TIME?

The 4 covers here. Larger version here.

(photo: Shaul Schwarz/Getty Images for TIME)

  • black dog barking

    The language of twelve step programs works here too. I see enabling, I see denial. In big block letters, on the cover. Our “war” on drugs entered its forty-first year a month or so back. We’ve been losing for a long time but along the way we’ve managed to outsource a lot of the pain.

    It’s not the drugs, it’s the addiction.

  • Anonymous

    You’re undoubtedly right about the tailoring, Michael. But I betcha the tailoring extends to every international edition. These particular covers show domestic cover one way, and the three others identical. But it isn’t always so.

  • Anonymous

    Follow-up on my previous comment. This is a truly cheesy site, in my opinion, and the post involves something more trivial than politics. But the principle of changing covers to appeal to different nations/ cultures is the same:

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps it says nothing more than Mexico is not next door to Europe, Asia or the South Pacific….

  • omen

    “the war next door”

    a subtle admission of guilt? somebody describing a situation as a “tragedy” suggests they’re a third party, innocent bystander, observer status. the US is hardly that. we are active perpetuators who enable and contribute to mexico’s misery.

    by now, calling anything a “war,” one but can’t help but think to equate war with profit. or as a potential business opportunity. i hear blackwater is looking to set up shop in mexico. 

  • bresson

    “Mexico’s Tragedy”?  Who cares?  But next door to ME?  OK, you got my attention.

    The TIME editors correctly understand the appalling solipsism of the US public. 

    And then they reinforce it.

  • omen

    another thing: the three overseas editions invite empathy. the US edition plays the fear card.

    no wonder print media is dying. you can only keep pushing that button for so long before people tune you out.

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