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July 19, 2011

Murdoch’s Eagle


Will Heaven at the Telegraph (great name) totally captured Rupert Murdoch with this photo last week in the aptly titled post, “Rupert Murdoch takes his grisly revenge on the world.” (And yeah, the Uncle Junior analogy hits where it hurts, too.) Not having seen this shot, I was barely in the ballpark yesterday with this limo shot, given that Lachlan and Rupert mostly had their klieg light faces, as well as their slacks on.

Anyway, you won’t we seeing anything else of this kind from old Rupert, at least not until the phone hacking story is dead and buried — which will happen sooner than later, don’t worry. In the meantime, though, I don’t know what the PR equivalent of “lawyering up” is, but this pic from a-week-ago-Monday (before the choir boy campaign kicked into action with the hiring of the Edelman PR firm last Thursday and the doorstep “I’m so sorry” photo-op following a private Dowler family meet-up on Friday) captures the pure and monumental arrogance (like Murdoch doesn’t know the power of a limo shot!) of a man who has led with the  genitals.

(photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire. London. July 11, 2010.)

  • tinwoman

    Now this is just mean, Bag.  I mean that picture is gross!

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure that’s a limo? To me it looks more like the interior of a plane, train, hydrofoil.

  • Boxcar

    how much space do two raisinets need?

  • Glenn

    I had to laugh at the Uncle Junior reference.

  • omen

    is this the aussie version of flipping the bird?

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