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July 10, 2011

Debt Ceiling: Obama Not Looking So Hot

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Geithner alone NYT


As Obama’s battle with the Repubs over the debt ceiling comes to a head, the pictures aren’t pretty.

(And here’s one more from the White House Photo of the Day at Bag Tumblr.)

(photo 1: from Tumblr site: In Other News. photo 2: J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press caption: Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner waiting for the arrival of Vice President Joe Biden during the negotiations between Republicans and Democrats in Congress on how to solve America’s debt crisis and budget problems, at the Capitol in Washington. Amid news reports that he is considering leaving his post, Mr. Geithner said Thursday that he planned to remain as Treasury secretary for the “foreseeable future.”. photo 3: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images caption: U.S. President Barack Obama walks from Marine One to the residence of the White House July 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. President Obama returned from Camp David to attend a meeting with Congressional leaders to negotiate increasing the United States’s debt ceiling in order to avoid the nation defaulting on its debt.)

  • Gasho

    Pow, pow pow!!

    Top shot: Obama looks like he’s waiting for what’s-his-Orange-face to start crying again and it looks like he just might.  Pelosi looks like she’s disgusted by both of them.

    Middle shot: Perfect illustration to with any of Paul Krugman’s discussions of the Liquidity Trap and the Lower Zero Bound of interest rates.  G looks completely surrounded by “no go” tight/hard spots and you can’t use monetary policy with no wiggle room.

    The third shot: This again reminds me of Tiger Woods – out on the course visually, surrounded by a dark and heavy mood; head down, struggling.  I posted years ago that Tiger was a really uplifting character that probably did some real good in paving the way for Obama with the wealthy, successful, celebrity, clubhouse crowd; not to mention fans thereof.  Now the Tiger association plays the other way around.  Fortunes have shifted for both characters and they sure as sh*t lost their innocence as well as their happily charmed winning streaks.

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