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June 1, 2011

Legacy Shots: There are War Presidents and There are Energy Presidents

Merkel Helicopter Wind Farm

Obama helicopter Iraq

You pick your battles, don’t you?

Although it’s not getting the attention it should here in the U.S.A., Merkel’s decision to completely phase out nuclear power in Germany is not just stunning but, in a picture, worth thousands of shots of Obama endlessly unwinding American wars, or giving speeches in front of corporate demonstration solar farms.

The better comparison with the Merkel photo, though, might be Obama standing in front of high tech GE generators (with American flags conveniently draped behind them) destined for Middle East sheikhs while his replacement for Paul Volker and the Economic Recovery Board, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt (head of the replacement “Jobs and Competitiveness Council”) quietly sends a thousand engineers to Japan to attempt to deal with the bleeding GE reactors at Fukushima.

…So you know the comparison is not so random, by the way, here’s what Obama was doing about the time the news from Germany was circulating.

(photo 1: Guido Bergmann, Pool – AP Photo/Bundesregierung. caption: Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel sits in a helicopter as she flies over a wind farm on the Baltic sea, near Zingst, Germany, Monday, May 2, 2011. photo 2: Ssg. Lorie Jewell/U.S. Army, via AP caption: Senator Barack Obama with Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American military commander in Iraq, in a helicopter above Baghdad.)

  • Thirdeye Pushpin

    If you draw circles around the windmills you can see peace signs….

    • Michael Shaw

      Nice. A natural high.

  • Stan B.

    One has freed her country and its future form the power that destoys for centuries, the other is forever stuck in the destruction of the past.

  • BooksAlive

    There is a graphic in the first link, SpiegelOnline, showing the distribution of nuclear plants in Europe. The 143 reactors, spread across the countries, range from 58 in France to 6 planned or under construction in Poland. Germany’s 17 reactors provide 29% of their power.

    Merkel’s decision follows the recommendations of a 14-member “ethics commission” that she appointed. As this is a 180 degree turn from a previous position – approval of extending the operating life of some currently running plants – it is described by some in Germany as a “cynical election ploy.” Pushback is already predicted:

    But despite the massive popular support, there are still clouds on
    the horizon for Merkel. Already, Germany’s major energy utility
    companies, for whom operating nuclear power plants has been the
    equivalent of being able to print money, are threatening to sue over
    lost revenues potentially reaching into the billions as a result of the
    atomic shutdown.

    And Obama backed down on bringing the successful environmental activist, Van Jones, to Washington!

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