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June 21, 2011

About That Drawdown

<em>photo: Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images</em>
photo: Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images

On the eve of what’s got to be a highly controversial event for U.S. troops slogging it out in Afghanistan, Obama’s announcement to end his surge and commence a drawdown, do you think Eric Schenk’s foot soldier here has a subtle message either for Schenk and military strategists, the AFP/Getty photographer or even the business-as-usual folks back home?  Or, do you think this is how he ordinarily scratches his nose?

Either way, the newswires latched onto this pic for some reason. Perhaps, because frustration over the toxic, ambiguous but otherwise invisible war is crying out for some kind of venting. On the other hand, maybe it’s blowback because Obama’s stand can really stand for just about anything.

(caption: US SFC Eric Schenk (L) from Viper Company (Bravo), 1-26 Infantry discusses with his men their possible route during a foot patrol in Sabari district in Khost province in the east of Afghanistan on June 21, 2011. President Barack Obama will announce the size of his drawdown of US troops from Afghanistan on June 23, mapping out an endgame for a 10-year war that has exacted a fearsome human and financial toll.)

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