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June 7, 2011

Nuclear Bunnies?

The point is not whether the earless bunny supposedly filmed in the Fukushima exclusion zone is a nuclear mutation or a sign of twisted things to come. The point is how much this questionable video reflects the underplaying and witholding of information  – so much so that anxious people, also contending with widespread Fukushima denial, are ready to believe anything.


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  • tinwoman

    It’s too cute to inspire horror.

    The hideously deformed pigs, children, and foals photographed around Chernobyl have inspired horror.

    That said, as someone who has raised six breeds of rabbits and shows them, these deformities happen rather often in bunnies–someone even tried to establish an earless breed once based on this mutation, and there already is an earless breed of goat.  I would consider it very unlikely that the appearance of such a rabbit would have anything to do with radiation.

    Similarly, the pig, foal, and human deformities have not been firmly linked to radiation.  There are a number of horrific videos on the internet with dire music and sombre voice overs–but we really have no idea if these births occurred in the radiation zone, what percentage of the total population they represent, or anything else we would need to know to come to any conclusions.

    I’m not saying radiation is harmless–just saying this rabbit probably has nothing whatever to do with it.

    So adorable….:)

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