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June 27, 2011

Looking at Nebraska’s (Soggy) Fort Calhoun Nuke Plant

1. Talk about “fail-safe,” see what happens when you don’t back up your “aqua berms?”

2. Even if the Nebraska situation is 100% stable, the pictures present an obvious warning about what happens when you cross a nuke plant with Mother Nature. And then, throw human nature into the mix….

3. And the industry folks thought they could confine the post-Fukushima talking points to coastal plants and earthquakes.

4. Insult to injury, still next-to-no coverage of the bleeding, contaminated-waterlogged Japanese plant.

5. Gotta love that juxtaposition of images on the Fort Calhoun Wikipedia page, the aerial shot of the flooded plant (second photo above, the plant at the center between the two lines of trees) along with this ironic pic, a romantic river photo shot seven days ago by the NRC.

(h/t: David W.)

(photo 1: Nuclear Regulatory Commision, 20 June 2: Lane Hickenbottom/Reuters. caption: An aerial view of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in eastern Nebraska, surrounded by Missouri River flood waters June 24, 2011. The Missouri River, swollen by heavy rains and melting snow, has been flooding areas from Montana through Missouri. Residents have been shoring up levees around towns as federal officials widen flood gates to allow record or near-record water releases to ease pressure on reservoirs.)

  • Peter Hollander

    Just hard to come up with some snark for something like this.  

    It interesting in the second picture how utterly insignificant and venerable the plant looks set there beside the river.  Good couple day rainfall upriver and it’s “sorry Charlie”.  Pretty obvious everyone hoping that won’t happen.

  • Enoch Root

    “I told you we should have built closer to the road!”

  • bks

    The newest picture above is one week old?    Why nothing newer?


  • quax

    Makes you wonder how they pick the location for these plants.  Maximum thrill factor?

    One of my favorites is the one right above a fault line: 

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  • MudBaby

    This would be hilarious if it weren’t so scary.

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